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We need your help to make "Pet World" come true!

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Who we are?

Hi, we are two friends from Mendoza-Argentina who have joined forces to develop an application to improve the world of pets. "Pet World" will be available on Android operating system mobile devices at Play Store, as well as for those with IOS operating systems at the App Store.

We are Juanse and Nacho.

Problem detected and solution proposed

With "Pet World" we will solve the problem of lost and stolen pets.

In addition, there are pets that many people could and would like to adopt.

Through the identification of these problems we have been able to see different solutions and improvements in this sector. We want to take advantage of the benefits that technology gives us and we are very motivated.

There is no common application that addresses this issue. We can see that they publish it on different networks or put posters in the streets, but there is no application that brings everything together and deals with this important topic for the pet world and everything that this topic implies.

Also through the application and its different functions, we will give work to many people. Giving economic, social and emotional benefits to many people.

We thought to solve the problem through the creation of an application that will be organized through the google map in different categories:


-Pet shops.

-Hotels for dogs.

-Points on the map where pets are given or are being given up for adoption

-Forum to publish lost pets.

-Premium function

I will explain these last 2: the operation of the walkers is similar to "Uber"; the application marks them on the map, the owner contacts them through the application and a private chat is opened between them where they agree on the conditions of the contract (time, price, etc.). The walkers are going to be qualified for their services and people are going to use that to choose them.

The "Premium Function" consists of placing a GPS for the pets that will be connected to the collar and the application. In this way, the owner will be able to know at all times where their pet is, or if it is lost, know at what exact point on the map it is. It allows a continuous monitoring of the pet through the application.

The Internet Of Things (IOT), will allow us to provide a personalized service to our customers / users.

"The protection and the whole world of your pets in a simple, safe and efficient app"

What we are looking for and how we will invest your help

We need financial support to make "Pet World" possible.

We are currently forming the team. Besides the two of us, in the team we have a person who will program the GPS devices, we have the person who makes the 3D prints (the GPS module will have a housing made by 3D printing) and the person who will program the application. Although we have already chosen the team, we lack the money to pay them and they can start doing their job.

We also need the money for the materials that the GPS device will be made of.

We also need the money to pay for the respective creator licenses (the play store license and the IOS license).

The first thing to be done as soon as the economic support arrives is the first prototype of the GPS device.

The housing in which the GPS will be contained will be designed using 3D printing, has a USB input for charging, and will have the following design:

We have chosen this design through 3D printing because of the following benefits: we use PLA, which is a biodegradable thermoplastic, made from renewable resources. It is also an easy material to recycle, since it is a non-petrochemical plastic.

Clarification: the application will be free and all the people who download it will be able to enjoy all the functions that we offer. The only function that is not free is the "premium function", since to be able to access this category within the application, the person will have to have this device.


The idea is to get Pet World up and running as quickly as possible. At the end of this year or early in 2021 we would like to announce the launch.

Everything is ready to start, just need to start. And for that we need your help. Anything you can do to help us would be very helpful. It doesn't matter if it's a lot or a little, every grain of sand that you contribute is useful and allows us to know that there are people who support us and believe in us.  

¡Everything serves to fulfill our dream!

I would be very happy if you would use the [Collaborate by Sharing] button to share my project!

For any consultation we leave to disposition our mails: .

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