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I want the world to know about a character that can inspire

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Greetings, My name is Kari Kuntari and I am a book author called sweety olala, I live in a decent urban area in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

The book that I wrote has many doll figures which I design myself from any parts of the world from Japan, the US to Europe.

More than 5000 books have been sold, many people greeted the book for the variety of character design, color, that had been included too. The book now also kept in the Indonesian national library due to there wasn’t any book like that in its first publication.

The doll I created in the book of sweety Olala was made of fabrics. Since its first launched, I have taught many people who are interested in my book.

Teaching is my passion, by doing it I can interact with people and it makes me happy.

Photography, fashion, doing arts, listening to music are my hobbies.

I would like to inspire and explore children's talent by introducing a character in the videos.

Statistically, there aren’t many qualified videos for children, younger adults, parents that will inspire perseverance, truth, honest, brave, love, persistent, family, friendship in a true manner so their young age would not be wasted, in fact, it happened not because their incapability in doing so rather there isn’t enough awareness us as parents in our children, younger adults specialty area.

I was inspired by ten years old girl who can sing like Lady Gaga in a big event like America’s got talent show. yes true there are Common people will brag that it is an impossible thing to do for their ten year's old to sing like that, but it really did happen.

Hence in this project, we would like to offer different videos than normal kids will see, the video that we offer will promote the following success values like perseverance, persistence, truth, love, brave, family, friendship from their early age on.

We will introduce the kids, younger adults, parents, grandparent’s videos with real-life success stories regarding how to do in life.

Every content in the video will be strictly audited and regulated, so the valuable values need could be passed on to viewers.

Since early on age, kids, younger adults have inner power or known as the spirit of Jedi, chi(qi) from fiction movies are must be explored.

With the movie we invented, it would accelerate the kids, younger adults, parents, and grandparents aware of their inner power, therefore all the resources can be focused to develop this inner power.

Usage of the funds

I need this amount to support the project that I and my team will be working on. In total, I need US$ 20000 to finish the project to get a positive result

Working on children project is blessed for me, along this way, I have been invested a lot in this project, but due to the large scope of the project, I could not work alone and thought the best way is to involve people who concern about kids, younger adults, parents, grandparent’s like me, Hopefully, you will join with me in this effort.

I will need the money by December 8, 2020. I will use the money to pay the animator, illustrator, cinematic composing.

The animator costs approx. US$16400 for 3 minutes duration, the remaining for cinematic composing and illustration.

Here is the link to my video channel :

I wish all the best for all of you who read either participate or not participate in this joint effort.

Please kindly provide your name so we could send our gratitude to you.

Thank you.

Kari Kuntari

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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