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Support for sexual minority/LGBT in the informal settlements

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Hello everyone,

Dawnlight is a non-profit LGBTI organization in Nairobi, Kenya. The organization formed in 2016 to support, educate and offer reproductive health guidance for LGBTI and other sexual minorities especially from the informal settlements of Nairobi.


Through its focused group forums (FDGs), Dawnlight creates a safe space for an open and honest conversation about sexual rights and experiences for the LGBTI population and other sexual minorities. This safe space creates an environment for young people to come out to talk about their sexuality, health and experiences. The organization also offers legal, psychological, health and social support to various LGBTI members in the community.


1. To create an equal environment for everyone irrespective of once sexual orientation and choice.

2. Provide psychological and health support to young and less privileged LGBTI members of the society.

3. Educate and support LGBTI members on safe practices and HIV/AIDS.

4. Advocate for favorable laws for key population and sexual minorities

The Dawnlight safe space project

The project (Dawnlight safe space) offers a platform for LGBT group from the informal settlements of Nairobi to share, brainstorm and seek sexual reproductive guidance and services. This is through creating an environment free from homophobic attitudes and stigmatization. Dawnlight creates a Safe Space and environment for sexual minorities/LGBTI in the informal settlements of Nairobi, to learn and share in focused group discussion meetings. It educates and helps these young population in making right and safe sexual choices.

With the very homophobic attitudes and stigmatization, many young men and women with different sexual orientations are mostly victimized or maybe denied opportunity to access basic reproductive health information and medical services. This has for long left this group helpless and desperate for someone to understand and guide them.

This project will seek to solve this by helping this young population get relevant and important sexual reproductive guidance, medical services and information. This project is also part of the bigger advocacy network to push for better laws and programs for sexual minorities.

Your support will enable our program to continue and build more impact in the community

We are requesting for your support to enable our program continue and build more impact in this community. The funds will be used to:

1. Organize more safe space forums/sexual reproductive health trainings for LGBTI youth.

2. Procure a computer for data storage and documentation of our programs and activities.

3. Support medication and psychological services for some of our members who urgently need help

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