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One-Stop Language learning and tutoring Platform

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my Educational Campaign! I sincerely appreciate everyoneʻs contribution and time in this ever-demanding industry. As Nelson Mandela says: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. There are so many people looking for specific language tutors and scholars looking for tutors in the subject they need help with. MyLingo101 will be a one-stop online language and subject specific tutoring platform which will help these students find exactly what they are looking for instead of wasting so much time on their own looking and searching everywhere. MyLingo101 will offer the convenience in finding that perfect teacher. We will offer flexibility, excellent customer support and convenience to our students.

At the moment we have a working site called "Mylingo101" created a few months ago . Itʻs a Global online language learning platform where students and teachers from all over the world can connect for online language classes.

I would also like to expand our services to not just "language learning" but also to list tutors of various languages in all the school subjects so that scholars will be able to find the perfect tutor for them in the subject they need help with (like maths or science for example) in their own language.

We would also like to offer free lessons to students who cannot afford it.

My goal is to have a one-stop platform where students will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Above picture: Korean student having a free lesson with our amazing Teacher Jamie. Please support us so we can provide more free lessons to students who cannot afford it.

A little bit about myself: My name is Jimei and I am from sunny South Africa. I have completed my Bachelorʻs degree in Education and I have been teaching online for a couple of years now. I have met some amazing people from all over the world through my online classes and it has made me realize how valuable it is to these students to learn a new language or to just improve their language and communication skills whether it is for Business, Travelling, more work opportunities and so more...

Through helping these amazing students succeed in their language goals leading to them landing that perfect Job, better work relations or just gaining the confidence in speaking... Truly is something momentous and life-changing… AND this has motivated me to start my own language learning site to keep encouraging and changing peopleʻs lives for the better..

I have been wanting to start something like this for a long time now, but never had the money or time... Now I have the time but unfortunately my budget is not keeping up..

We are confident in helping students communicate efficiently in another language...

A Short Summary of what we provide currently:

Free Trial lessons

Intensive Language courses for Professionals

Informal Language lessons and courses in various languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc.)

Test and Exam preparations such as IELTS, DELF, HSK, B1, B2, C1, C2, etc.

Interview preparation

Language Classes for Travelling

Group and Individual Language Classes for kids and adults

Our teachers are from all over the world.

Online language lessons can be held on a variety of virtual meeting platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc.).

On the platform you will be able to browse through teachers profiles, see the lessons they offer, their rates, Introduction videos, available teaching hours, etc. We also have search filters to narrow students options when looking for something specific like exam prep, IELTS prep, business lessons, etc. Students are able to book a lesson conveniently on the teachers page and make payments for these lessons using our secure payment processor.

What makes us unique is that we have an option of "LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!" If students cannot find what they are looking for or if they do not have the time to look for the teacher they need. They can tell us about their requirements: What type of lessons they are looking to have? What language? Would they like a Native or non-Native teacher? What is their budget for taking lessons? How often and at what time would they like to have lessons?

They can send us these requirements through our "contact form" and we will find them the best suitable teacher and courses that will suit their requirements.


1. Web Development: In order for the platform to be more user friendly and convenient to use for everyone. Our website needs to be completely re-developed to include all the convenient functions. For this, we will need to hire a web developer. We have received a quote for $1 000 to implement everything we need for the platform.

2. Marketing: In order to reach more traffic to our site, we will have to invest in some marketing strategies. I received a quote for $500 for one month. This should be enough to get us going and to get the word out.

3. Free lessons for underprivileged students: We would also like to set aside $500 in order to pay the teachers to have free lessons with students who cannot afford it and who are in need of classes.

What we can offer in return:

1) We could add your name to our "contributions page" on the Mylingo101 website. For companies, we can add your logo.

2) Free lessons - 1 free lesson for each $10 sponsored.

3) If you have anything else in mind that you think we can offer in return, just let me know.

My Campaign video:

Your support will truly mean the world to us!

Kindest and best regards

Jimei Perry

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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