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My Aunty Carmen

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My Aunt Carmen is 74 years old and lives in Venezuela. Since  I have use of reason (I am 32 years old), she is the one who takes care of our 103-year-old grandmother, I have never heard her complain about it because she does it with all her love and with her soul, she is her friend, her companion, her accomplice and it even seems that she will occupy a mother's role, because she pampers her, scolds her when necessary, takes care of her when she is sick and so that she does not get sick, she pleases her in her whims and you know that my grandmother is capricious, (but beautiful), she accompanies her at night, takes care of her sleep and protects her from her nightmares, my grandmother is her child.

My aunt Carmen is a wonderful human being, always willing to help others, with a smile on her face and a sweet voice that invites you to be calm, that gives peace, that makes you want to embrace her and infect you with that love that she spreads with all her being.

My aunt Carmen lives for others, she lives for my grandmother, she lives for her husband and she lives for her children, and that's not right. It is not right, because, in that absolute surrender, my aunt Carmen has forgotten about her, so much so, that she shut up her pain and her tiredness, she did not dare to ask for help and we could only realize her pain when it manifested itself in her body and we could see it.

Today my aunt needs us, she is sick; her tired legs have taken their toll and her veins are about to collapse.

She has been diagnosed with:

      Severe Left Magna Safena Trunk Insufficiency.


3.       Lymphostasis and Infrapatellar Left Lipodermatosclerosis.

4.       Left Infrapatellar Venous Ulcer

Unfortunately, we do not have the economic resources to cover the recommended treatment, so we have dared to ask for help through this means.

The specialist has given us two options for your recovery:

1.       6 Doses of Chemical Ablation with Fiber Vein= USD $900

2.       Endovascular Surgery with Unilateral Laser= USD $2,400

Any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

If you want additional information, such as medical reports, budgets, photographs, you can contact us through this platform.

And if you made it this far, I thank you for the time you took to read. And if you decide to give, either monetarily or by sharing, may your help be transformed, multiplied and returned to your life with reward.

Thank you very much


García’s family

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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