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I want my baby to always smile🙏❤️

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Melisa Deniser is a small girl who is suffering from a very serious problem with her health. She has undergone several surgeries during her short life and still needs to have more. Melisa was born on October 28, 2009 in North Cyprus (TRNC). Even her birth was a test, since the baby was born very small, 1.400g. The doctors said that she was unlikely to cope. But she turned out to be very strong, she did not even need an oxygen mask, and she was able to breathe herself. A month after the birth, she was discharged from the hospital. It seemed that everything was going well, but at 2 months she had an inguinal hernia. Melisa underwent two blood transfusions and surgery. The operation went well, the girl was on the mend. But there was another nightmare ahead. On February 15, 2010, the life of Melissa and all our family has changed in a way that no one expected. I fell down the stairs with my baby, she hit her head on a 20-liter bottle of water. She immediately began having seizures and fell into a coma. Doctors doubted whether the baby would survive at all after such an injury. Long hours of waiting ... Time has stopped. All that was left for us was only to pray and believe in her! .. On the second day of coma, the doctors warned of irreversible consequences: even if she wakes up, her hemorrhage will not stop. During these days, Melisa's condition worsened, and the doctor who operated on her said that every minute is precious for the girl, but he cannot do anything. And he advised us to look for a doctor. We urgently took her to Istanbul to the Ceyrakhpasha clinic to see Professor Nejat Cheplak.

In the very first pictures, the doctor saw that of the 4 ventricles of the brain, 3 were blocked. Melissa was examined again and she was given a shunt. She was recovering for almost a year, but at some point it became clear that she started losing her eyesight and urgent monitoring by a neurosurgeon was needed. An urgent endoscopic operation was needed, as the girl had a huge cyst in such a place that the child could not only lose sight, but could also physically turn into a plant. Since then, Melisa needs surgery and treatment every year. This is for life ... Treatment is very expensive, it is impossible for us to bear such a financial burden. I can't get a job because I have to be at her side every minute. It is incredibly difficult for the father to bear responsibility for the material support of the family alone. Several years ago, money for Melissa's operation and recovery in Turkey was collected by all of Cyprus.This year I took Melisa to Russia, where we were very lucky. A local charity fund paid for the operation. But after the operation, the child must receive constant treatment, which includes expensive medications and procedures. And we are now in a stalemate. We cannot return home due to quarantine, we live in a hotel, for which we also have to pay. We are appealing to you, good people, we believe in kindness of the humankind. I can't see how my daughter is suffering of pains ans I can't help her....My baby is in need of constant rehabilitation, due to a difficult life situation, I cannot cope alone. I ask you for help🙏🙏🙏

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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