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Please help us save our father's life

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Good day everyone!

I am Sheena Bailon and I am desperately begging for financial help for my father's hospital expenses.

We, the immediate family already exhausted our own resources, and our generous extended family, relatives, friends, and colleagues also gave financial help however it's still not enough to cover the full medical costs.

A motorcycle accident

Papa got into a motorcycle accident last November 1, 2020, and he's seriously injured. He sustained multiple injuries to his face and head causing internal hemorrhage.

Since the hospital in our town doesn't have complete facilities to treat his injuries, we brought him to a larger hospital in Cebu City, Philippines. He had to travel 11 hours via a passenger ship accompanied by a private nurse and my sister. The transport alone was costly since we have to pay for everything including the nurse escort.

The Treatment

Upon arrival in a hospital in Cebu City, he underwent a CT scan and it was found out that he had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) and a fractured jaw.

He underwent a burr hole operation immediately to suck the fluids in his brain. He was in ICU for 10 days after the operation and while in there he got pneumonia from constant lying down and he can't voluntarily spit his saliva due to his jaw injuries.

Status as of Nov 15, 2020

Since his oxygen tank and neck brace were no longer needed. We transferred him to a ward room with our insistence since the daily charge in ICU is quite high compared to a ward. The doctors agreed provided that we hire a private nurse to closely monitor him. Luckily we got one with a reasonable pay.

He can't talk yet and he sleeps most of the time but on the very precious time that he's awake, he tries to smile and murmurs something to us. His recovery might be slow but we're very hopeful that one day he'll get back to his normal self again.

The current hospital bills and next surgery

His battle is not yet over, after the burr hole operation, we still have to prepare for his jaw surgery. We're anxious every day about where to get the money for his medicines and hospitalization. The amount below is just for his 10 days stay in the hospital. Medicines bought outside the hospital and surgeons' professional fees were not yet included. We're always on the negative. Every day is a struggle.

Papa before the accident

Papa is a vibrant senior citizen. At the age of 64, he still works as a Security Guard in a school in our town. For so many years, he's in charge of the teachers and children's security. We're far from him but he never missed a day sending his 'good mornings' and 'take care' on Facebook messenger. He's always happy to see his grandchildren's videos and pictures. In fact, he's supposed to process his retirement papers on the next day the unfortunate incident occurred.

Bank details for the donation

Please help us save papa and my children's (Grandfather) Lolo Alex. We'll always be grateful for your help. And we'll always pray that you'll be blessed a million folds.

Thank you and in my language "Daghang Salamat/Maraming Salamat Po!"

Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account Number: 1029-1579-67

Account Name: Alexis Ian Catarig Bailon

Contact Number: +639173088304

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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