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I want to make a collection that would preserve our brand.

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Greetings to all!

My name is Anastasia. I live in Belarus, in the city of Vitebsk.


I am a designer of the Belarusian women's clothing brand "Pavlova". Our small production facility has been around for 7 years. And we have been very successful over the years. We created beautiful clothes for women, both casual and more eccentric.

We took part in exhibitions in Italy. Our clothes are worn not only in Belarus, but also in the USA, England, Spain, Germany and Italy. Here are some of our works

We are struggling to maintain our small business

I love my job very much. I like to bring joy to people. I love creating! I love to create something with my own hands! But this year our production went to a loss. COVID-19 has greatly affected our work. This affected not only us, but all people in the world. But we stayed afloat, thanks to the fact that we began to produce less expensive and casual clothing. We made big sales, which helped save jobs for people from our team.

But, the current situation in my country is a real crisis. And this led us to a dead end. We spent the last accumulated funds on workers salaries, as it is an extreme measure to leave a person without a job at the moment. We are struggling to maintain our small business. Here are photos of our fun and friendly team!

Please support us to create a new collection and stay afloat

Unfortunately, our government does not want to help small businesses and tries to harm them in every possible way. Introduces new requirements that require a considerable amount of money. Persecutes ordinary people. It does not allow you to develop and does not allow you to work. Currently, it is not possible to take out a loan in Belarus, as the situation is extremely unstable.

That's why I decided to contact you! This is our last hope!

We need the money to create a new collection that we can sell and earn money to continue working. This is the only way we can stay afloat. We don't need much money. $ 700 is enough to buy fabric and accessories and pay for the work of sewing seamstresses. This amount will help not only businesses, but also women who work, who should receive a salary and feed their families.

I really hope for your support! I wish you all health and happiness!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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