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My name is Cintia, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, the problem I am going through today is the result of much persistence, faith, love, and dedication to my son, with 7 months of pregnancy I discovered that my son had hydrocephalus, with 3 months went through his first surgery, with 1 year and 9 months went through 6 more surgeries, totaling 7 skull surgeries, At the moment my son was at the surgery table, I was called by the hospital administration that the agreement had not released some procedures, at the moment of desperation seeing that I could even lose my son I signed several promissory notes for the surgery to be performed with everything that was necessary. My son stayed 59 days in ICU because he had an infection (ventriculitis), he was disillusioned because he had an infection inside the brain, but I never gave up on my son, I had to pay all the debts of the hospital that were not covered by the agreement, until the month of March of this year I was able to pay, but with the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, I lost my store, I had to close, I could not pay rent without sales.... I lost everything because it was not essential, everything that I invested in the store I lost and I still owe to suppliers, today I find myself at home, taking care of my son that has paralysis on the right side due to ventriculitis that he had, my mother is isolated because she was elderly, she took care of him so I could work, but God knows well what he does because my son's Neurosurgeon asked me not to leave him exposed to this virus, because it would be very serious for him, because of the valve that he has in his brain.

Some time ago a doctor told me that my son was not going to walk, he was not going to talk, that he was going to vegetate.... Today I'm at home taking care of him, accompanying him at school, doing the physical exercises on his right side, taking care of the daily exercises and all the treatments he had before the pandemic, which he needed to suspend to isolate himself, I couldn't pay the debts with the banks that I lent money to pay the hospital debts anymore, that's why I'm asking today the help of everybody to pay them, I'm almost losing my home because of these debts, the only material thing I have to leave to my son... I'm desperate, I need 170 thousand to pay the total debts as soon as possible because the collections don't stop, I'm already in debt for 7 months, I borrowed money to buy food in these last months too, with the amount collected I'll pay everyone I owe, I'll be able to breathe and take better care of my son, I'm a warrior mother and my son is a hero, because today with 12 years, he walks, talks, studies.... he is a blessed child, I thank God for his life and health, and I will continue fighting for him always, until the last day of my life, I wrote a book about my son's history to sell and pay the debts, this book I wrote and published in June 2018, "When he chooses - Hidrocefalia-Fé-Amor e Vida-A real story", today I'm selling this book by hotmart, I make panetones and truffle cones to sell, I set up a meditation channel on youtube, I signed up for Appen, in freelance jobs, I'm not stopping, I'm fighting for my son, but nothing is being enough, I need your help! !!! 

Gratitude always to God for putting enlightened people on my path.

Gratitude to all of you and may God bless you.

If anyone is interested in the book, tell me about it and I will be happy to offer it as a reward..

Thank you very much!!!  

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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