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Supporting poor orphan Victor to undergo liver transplant.

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Dear friends,

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My name is Yusuf Oduor, l am 38 years old a Kenyan national living in Homa Bay County. Currently am a scholar at the University of Nairobi (PH.D candidate) and also adevelopment expert.


     This is a condition that occurs when fluid builds up inside the abdomen. It's usually due to problems with the liver such as Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis occurs when liver becomes extremely scarred.

    Victor is currently 14 years old, and when he was born in 2005, he looked well and healthy until 2016 when fortunes changed on his health. He was diagnosed to suffer from Cirrhosis due to his scarred liver. In the year 2018 he developed infection in his ascitic fluid, and he went through rigorous treatment with antibiotics.

    Victor's doctor has been managing his worsening health condition through paracentesis i.e, removing of fluid in the abdomen. Initially, he would visit hospital every month through the support of his late mother who use to work for people in the farms because she was already awidow. This has since changed, and Victor has to visit the hospital after every 5days for removal of fluid which stands at 5liters from the previous 2liters per month.

    Victor's doctor also advised his family that his liver was weakening so fast and recommended he needs liver transplant as soon as possible. Since this revelation,the young boy has been stressed and depressed together with his only poor close sister. The situation is further compounded by the death of Victor's mother in February 2020. He remains hopeful as he continue with paracentesis every 5days and treatment of other deseases like nausea, fever, diorrehea among common ailments.Victor's doctor advised that the cost for liver transplant in lndia  will be US$ 85000.


Personaly l regard Victor as my friend and son. It's crucial to note that l came to know him in April 2020, while traveling from the University of Nairobi. In the bus next to my seat was Victor sitting and supported by a young lady in her teens. Given his health condition, l got interested to find out more, and learnt that he is under the care of his young poor 19 years old sister, after the demise of their mother. Since then l have been supporting Victor's bus fare to hospital and other little upkeep which is becoming futile because my income has been delve a blow by the impact of Covid-19.

    Without any financial support, Victor's health is at risk and given he is an orphan and the sister too is not working and needs to join college after graduating high school certificate (her fate still not clear as she lacks college fees). This poor boy is counting on you and l, together we can bring some smile  on Victor's humble looking face.

Consequently, it's my desire and conviction to share his story. Lets join together in support and cross our fingers for needy Victor, l believe he has a chance to live and his tommorrow will be greater than today because of our financial support/sharing his grim health situation.

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