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Support needed! Family father is dying!

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my name is Martin Alberts and I live in Switzerland. As a member of the Solid Gents Club, I am responsible for our joint decision as such an authorized representative to guarantee support to the family named below .

As a club, we have made it a central theme to help other people in their needs and their extremely difficult situation.

Therefore I ask you to read through the following fate and for a not entirely unforeseeable approaching one Funeral donation.

Dirk Weber (48 years), a lovable person, husband and father, originally from Frankfurt am Main, has been married to his wonderful wife Ingrid (50 years) from Chile for 16 years.

The two have known each other for almost exactly 20 years, the bond of love was closed after 4 years in Chile through a wedding with a strong and inseparable knot strengthened by love.

For his great love, Dirk moved to Chile and finally emigrated there (2005). The new environment, the language and the culture would never have stopped him from taking this one big step for his great love.

Their happiness was completed by their joint, now 13-year-old daughter (Benita).

It is all the more difficult for us to imagine what it means for them in particular to lose their dear papi. p>

The big shock came in 2012, Dirk was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the large intestine in Chile, and over the course of the years severe therapies and measures to attempt a cure were added.

Dirk fought for many years against an unfortunately very persistent illness, as has been shown in the following years.

Unfortunately, the malignant tumor metastasized into the brain, into the bones and ultimately into both lungs.

Unfortunately, Dirk cannot continue this fight and is now at home in the last few days of his life Circle of his small but warm family.

Due to all the therapies, Dirk was no longer able to carry out his professional activity and thus an essential part of the income for the most important thing has broken down and debts have inevitably and involuntarily been accumulated.

The family has lived in Munich, Germany, since 2015, as further treatments in Chile would not have been affordable for the family's financial circumstances.

Ingrid works as a geriatric nurse and has a salary to cover many of the cost of maintaining a living, such as rent, groceries and medical equipment for the home.

Unfortunately, the family is at a point where it is the costs for a dignified burial cannot be borne.

The costs for an urn burial will amount to a minimum of 6000 €, in addition the debts of 35000 € would have to be paid.

Dirk does not deserve to die in worry, Ingrid works hard and caring for the welfare of others as a geriatric nurse and also has to care for the future of her daughter.

This is how you help us the amount of 1500 € together

A part that will not bear all the costs, but is urgently needed by the family.

Please help and do something good, it is an affair of the heart.

I am at your disposal for any questions gung.

Thank you very much on behalf of the Weber family,


Solid Gents Club

(Authorized representative Martin Alberts - SGC Switzerland) p >

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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