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Arts Education for Society and the Environment -Book Project

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Hello ...

I am an artist called Tono or Tohjaya Tono, I live in Yogyakarta- Indonesia. It's been a long time since I quit working from a well-known newspaper in Jakarta and focused on serving the community. I often work with educational foundations to teach children in underprivileged villages. Last time in 2018, I took part in helping with earthquake recovery activities in Lombok Island.

Redesigning the trash

I studied Art Painting and Art Design. Until now, I am still actively holding exhibitions and workshops. During Covid-19, I did a lot of experimental activities at home, I tried to recycle the package trash that I found in many trash cans in beverage shops around my area by designing the trash. I have done several experiments, I have also tried to work with one of the beverage shops to separate out the type of package beverage waste that I will redesign.

Luckily There's Art

Advances in science and technology for the benefit of society, at least must be balanced with the quality of existing human resources, this is to answer environmental problems that exist today, and also in the future.

In various locations in Indonesia, this packaging waste has not been optimized for much use. Trash is thrown away and sometimes just left alone or burned. Meanwhile, many of the products that can be produced from this waste can have useful values such as in fine art.

Looking for a solution to what I consume

With the new experiences that I got during the Covid-19 pandemic, I am trying to redesign found objects that are around my environment for recycling. I did some recycled design experiments with painting techniques and graphic printing from packaging media. I plan to record the works of this art to share my aesthetic experiences and as a medium for art and environmental education to the public. It also opens opportunities for aesthetic possibilities that can be obtained from the work of workshops in several regional communities such as Bali Island and Lombok Island.

Book Launch Support for Education

I plan to launch books, exhibitions, training and mentoring to several points of the arts community and environment in the regions in Bali Island and Lombok Island. During this activity, it is possible to open up aesthetic design opportunities in recycling beverage packaging.

I really need support to make this happen, both support and material. Because later this book will become one of the supporting tools for education and reading library media for the community to increase knowledge and one of the references for the community to find solutions to utilize packaging waste recycling.

Activity Plan

The original plan was to print 200 Design Recycle books.

100 copies of the first edition of the book, more towards the design recycle that I did during Covid-19. This book contains mainly visual diaries during the pandemic. I will print this first 100 printed books around March 2021. I will launch this first book in community spaces in Bali and Lombok to introduce the packaging recycling design that I have made so far. Furthermore, 100 printed books for the Design Recycle workshop. I plan to print this book after I made a workshop trip to several villages in Bali Island and Lombok Island. I will travel to Bali and Lombok around June to October. I will invite workshop participants from communities or people who care about the environment to open up design possibilities by developing a visual design aesthetic of this packaging recycling.

There are many examples of work that I have done, with various styles and aesthetic arts that I created during the period 2019-2020. By making recycled designs it becomes useful as a collection of works of art. And there are also some of my other works for efforts to build community empowerment in the village.

All your support will be used to print books, procure tools needed during the workshop, transportation and the logistic while I travel to several village areas in Bali and Lombok. What I plan to do in 2021-2022. Not only that, this workshop can also help the economy in the village through packaging recycling education. I will start this program from March 2021. I will always provide reports by sending documentation of my activities with the community to sponsors who support this program.

Bibliography and Contact

You can contact me via email to see the works that I have created.




Phone :+6287845645389

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