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Helping my student with her family's high medical expenses

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I am working at one of Malaysia's Public university, and recently was informed that one of my top performing students, is having difficulties.  First her father passed away last year, in August 2019, and then approximately a year after, her grandfather who was supporting the family after the death of her father passed away in July 2020.  This left her mother to take care of the family, seven children in total, including my student, Sharifah Hareezan Bataller who is the second child.  Since her eldest sister just graduated, she is able to help her mother with the family expenses.  

However things turn for the worse.  A week after the passing of the grandfather, her mother suffered from a stroke.  The diagnosis was, Left temporo-parieto-occipital AVM with multiple fistula, complicated with status epilepticus.  She was hospitalised until October 2020.  Now bed ridden, she is home and being taken care of by her children.  In order to take care of her, the children have to bear the daily, and monthly medical expenses, amounting to RM4000 (approximately USD1000).  This is to cover for her milk powder (since she is tube fed), medicines, wound dressing, tubes, and etc.  This is hurting the family a lot, financially.  Now, in her final year, Sharifah has to take up a part time job to help her sister to cover the expenses, since the rest of the siblings are still in school, with the youngest is still in primary (elementary) school.  This semester is the most difficult and will be the hardest, as she has to complete her final year project (Final Year Dissertation).  She needs all the help she can get, in order to survive the final semester, and graduate and maybe, hopefully be able to gain better employment in the future.  Her family needs her to be successful in her studies.



This funding hopefully will help to ease a bit of the financial difficulties faced by Sharifah dan her family.  This funding amount which I am hoping to generate (USD1500) will NOT solve her problems, but will give her that much needed breathing space until she graduates March/April 2021.  This amount will help her to focus a bit more on her studies for the final semester.  


The amount of USD 1500 (approximately RM 6113) should be able to cover at least 80% of two months medical expenses for Sharifah's mother.  I am hoping to get this amount by December 31st 2020, so that she can cover 80% of the medical expenses for January, and February 2021.

The collected funds will be transferred directly to Sharifah Hareezan's bank account. 

I would be most grateful if you could help with the funding and use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my little project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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