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Hello everyone,

I am JENIFER DEVERA, a single self-supporting mom who is ABOUT TO LOSE HER SON.

My son was diagnosed with leukemia

November 11, 2020, was when Kuya has to be confined due to his low platelet count which normally happens to a Leukemia patient. From a normal count of 150 to 350, his dropped at 34 and now it's consistently dropping!

Before the Bone Marrow Aspiration (MBA) started, 5 platelet transfusions are needed however, I was already advised that the intrathecal procedure would not be possible anymore for the fear of blasts to spread in his brain that may cause his early death.

November 13, 2020, after the BMA procedure, I had a one on one conversation with his doctor in a small corner of our room in the hospital. The initial result of his Bone Marrow is fully loaded with blasts. His Leukemia is relapsed.

My heart, despite hearing this a million times, still shatters me into pieces like it was the first time I heard those words. It was like the first time he was diagnosed 11 years ago (July 2009). He was two years old then.

It's a miracle that my son is still with us

He was in chemotherapy since he was 2 years old, this medication really crashed our savings and I'm so much in owe and thankful to those people who extended their support and helped us out.

I am depressed and desperate knowing that both decisions I will make will not make him any better. But I have to be strong and not quit for them, I am the only one left. Someone said to me once, if not me then who?

Yes, it's a miracle that my son is still with us. That means he is a very courageous boy and he has a very good support system as the doctor explained. When he relapsed in 2015, which is actually just a continuation of 2009, he went for another set of chemo, this time he survived. He was declared a cancer survivor in 2018.

But he went on relapse again last year, 2019 that's almost 4 years after 2015.

Leukemia patients normally last for 5 years and I had him for 11 years. He is 13 right now and soon he'll have another year to celebrate. I'm already financially unstable, that's why I knock at every door of my friends, families, and even every stranger.

For 11 years I solely stand for my two growing kids, I could barely make a living to make ends meet just to get him through where he is right now and we made it through for he survived this cancer for 11 years of battle.

However, Cancer is a traitor as they say.

His chances of survival are narrowing

2019 we decided to put him under palliative medication, which I don't know was a good thing, but I think it was at that time due to Covid-19, somehow I saved him from the frequent travels and contacts and I was already informed that he may not last that long, to be honest, and his doctor has said this to me, palliative may only last 3 to 6 months, for a patient could last a year is a miracle and he made it a year..

However the doctor said, "As you can see based on the data... his chances of survival are narrowing and now it is very risky if we take that route (aggressive chemotherapy). Right now we are looking into not more than 3 months... but keep on praying God is good", she ended.

Eventually, what the doctor is telling me whatever we decide we have to prepare emotionally, physically mentally, and financially. Taking the aggressive medication may damage his internal organs such as his lungs, liver, and kidneys, and complications and/or infections might go along the process. We need more blood transfusions and in between chemotherapy, some side effects may cause the failure of one of his organs.

Now, this decision has to start as soon as possible and my clock starts ticking. What road should I choose?

Buying blood is very costly for us

Per bag cost PHP 1,200 at Red Cross Philippines and 1300 at PCMC whether you have donors or not. Eugferd gets to transfuse to a minimum of 6 bags of platelets and red blood cells.

I know you have a good heart. Thank you for reading my message, thank you for hearing me out. You just really don't know how much your help could mean to us. We will be needing blood donations of A+ positive to be in the queue. You may have some friends, connections that are willing to help.


1. You may directly contact first the PCMC at 0285889900 and connect to their local number for BLOOD BANK to make an appointment. Due to Covid19 they won't let people in hence scheduling is needed.

2. Schedules are as follows: 8 am to 10 am10 am to 12 noon1 p.m to 3 p.m3 p.m to 4 p.m3. state the following information and the preferred dates.


Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

From: August 2009 to present.

ID #: 16722515

Blood Type: A+

Hospital: Philippines Children's Medical Center

Address: Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

For those who preferred to donate in cash BANK TRANSFER for his continuous medication and so we can just buy the blood, You may transfer to my personal account. Any donation even 1.00 peso counts. Rest assured that all money is accounted for its intent and purpose only.


Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI)


Banco de Oro (BDO)


Your support, either blood donation or 1.00 peso, counts

The last thing I heard over and over again was "Make good memories with him. He may not last... 3 months the most". We have both battling this for 11 years, why can't it be this time? As a mother, I have to do everything I can, seek people's help I know, and quitting is not my option.

This is my last straw to make him better and give him the chance to be a man and if not, at least to extend his life and that at his very end I fight with him and for him, no regrets in the end.

Unfortunately, these situations in the Philippines that we are going through would be very impossible for me to ask for help from the people I know... I am so sorry...I am here knocking on your door not knowing what your reaction and what words you're going to say... but as a mom I know you understand what I am going through. I really have to try to find and ask for help to support him in any way possible.

Any donation even 1.00 peso counts. Rest assured that all money is accounted for its intent and purpose only.



Jenifer Devera


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