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Financial help for my husband

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Good day everyone!

My name is Lederlie S. Alejandria. I am 45 years old and currently living here in The Philippines.

This is me and his parents on their 47th Wedding Anniversary and our 26th Wedding Anniversary. His birthday November 8, 2020, was 7 days before he was diagnosed with Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage.

My Husband's Urgent Surgery

Renan DP. Alejandria, my 45 years old husband, has undergone an urgent surgery concerning his condition. He had a stroke due to Acute Internal Hemorrhage and was admitted to ICU of Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center here in the Philippines.

In this trying time I still have hope that he can still recover through this. Knowing that the Philippines experienced extreme damage because of Typhoon Ulysses which also struck down our source of income in Aurora. And due to the COVID-19 crisis here in the Philippines even our small business stand located in the public market overwhelmingly affected.

We truly need your financial support

Today, November 30, 2020 becomes his 15th day in the ICU which causes us to have lots of our bills due.

We are currently praying for his wellness as he fights for his life. We truly need your financial support. As the doctor told us back on Nov 15, 2020, that he must undergo to a surgery to remove the blood clot in his brain which would take around 300,000- 500,000 pesos ($10,000- $15,000 USD) per operation that he had already undergone the second time on November 19, 2020. Therefore, your financial support is highly needed until Dec 31, 2020. The doctor also told us to prepare at least 20,000- 35,000 pesos a day (or about $500- $800 USD) to support all his daily medical needs.

Our family is knocking to your benevolent hearts, to please extend financial assistance. The money that's going to be collected are going to be use for his daily expenses in the hospital. Your donation will never be put in vain. We will ensure you that all of the funds collected are allotted only for his medications to help him recover to achieve a stable state.

We pray that the Lord repay your good deeds a thousand fold.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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