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Recycling Waste Engine Oil

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Who Am I ?

My name is Errol. I am a semi-retired Chemical Engineer. I have been working as a free-lance engineer and consultant in the Philippines for the last 11 years; where I reside.

My focus for these 11 years has been on Renewable Energy (mostly biomass-based), and Environmental projects.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a temporary but prolonged stoppage in my work, as all my clients have suspended their projects...

I live in the city of San Pedro, just south of Manila in the Philippines; and it is where intend starting my recycling project / small business venture.

The Problem I Want To Solve

I want to stop the disposal of dirty, toxic, waste engine oil into the environment - in order to help protect our environment.

I want to reduce the volume of crude oil converted to lube oil; thereby helping to reduce GHG emissions, as well as conserving energy.

The Business I Wish To Start and Its Benefits

My business will recycle dirty, used engine oil; and re-sell the cleaned lube oil as base oil to existing lube oil companies; or as a branded lube oil product after adding my own additives.

Benefits of process I will use:-

1) It is unique; simple; low cost; and safe.

2) It will help protect the environment.

3) The lube oil can be recycled many times.

4) It uses a small amount of heat at low temperature.

5) Effective and efficient process that can recover 95% of the oil as base lube oil.

6) The recycled oil is 'as good as new....'.

Why Do I Need USD 1,500 ?

I need this small amount of funds to do the initial, micro-scale trials of the proposed process (at my home); and to have the quality of the recycled / recovered / cleaned lube oil tested at a chemical laboratory .

(This will be Stage 1 of my project = Proof Of Concept).

(If successful, I plan to proceed to Stages 2 and 3 ... which will entail the process design; and the building of a small pilot-plant, in order to perform operational and production testing). (Additional funding will be required for these Stages). (This will be done in a suitable place in a nearby industrial area).

When Do I Need The Initial Funds (USD 1,500)

I would like to start my project as soon as possible, but not later than 1st week of January 2021.

I intend starting the procurement of the lab-scale equipment, and chemicals, as funds become available from my donor-supporters.

In turn, I promise to send each donor a half-liter (500 ml) of the cleaned oil that I have recycled; for trying out ...

How Am I Going To Use The Funds Donated By My Supporters ?

$800 for all the lab-scale equipment (listed below);

$100 for the test-chemicals;

$200 for a work bench;

$300 to pay for the laboratory chemical analyses;

$100 to pay for delivery of equipment / courier services to lab.

Equipment List:-

1) 2 x funnel / cone with lid and bottom valve.

2) 1 x stirrer with electric heater.

3) 1 x small centrifuge (high-speed).

4) 10 x small test tubes.

5) 10 x small product jars.

6) 1 x rack to hold test-tubes.

7) 1 x flat-bottomed glass beaker for stirrer-heater.

8) 1 x small waste container.

9) 1m of rubber or plastic tubing.

10) 2 x funnel stands.

11) 4 x clamps for tubing.

I will be delighted by your support !!

I would be happy if you could share my project with others !

Thank you very much.

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