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My name is Gian Carlos I am from Peru.

In the middle of the pandemic I started selling clothes online

Well, I'm here to ask for your support. 5 months ago I started a project; In the midst of the pandemic I began to sell clothes online to help my family because the situation we were going through the pandemic forced me to do a business with what little savings I had ..

I started buying clothes and reselling online, I created a virtual store on Facebook to help my family and more for my son, who is a good little one, and I started to do well to sell a lot of clothes throughout PERU towards SHIPPING thanks to marketing What I was doing on the networks .. and that thanks to my specialization, I searched the internet for how to sell I began to educate myself rather well .. I spent the months and more people began to write to me .. well I sold what was sets of children and adults.

I started making my own brand of clothing, and here comes the hard times

I sold a lot so much so that I did not supply all the things, I did it I only spent every night without sleeping passing the orders when the day of shipping came was another thing because I had to send many packages sometimes there was no time for my family since I was the one who did all the inventory, took the accounts and everything was me. ..

The days went by and people kept writing to me to place orders ... the deposits would arrive, I kept buying clothes to resell ... but what happened that the company that supplied me with clothes, sometimes the orders that I made did not give them to me complete and I was bad with my clients ... so I started to manufacture my own clothing brand I got myself a manufacturer where I began to manufacture my clothes ..

I thought that everything would go well for me I gave him all the confidence we agreed on a date of 20 days that I would make the delivery ... I had many clients who would make the SHIPMENTS to the province ..

Time passed and the day came for the manufacturer to deliver the garments to me ... but she told me that they were not there ... she told me that she would deliver it to me in 7 more days and that I would wait for her I was angry because it was not I had just invested a lot of money, now the clients were demanding their clothes from me, I didn't know what to tell them, I already knew that they were going to cancel their orders and ask for their money back ... I felt bad then I started calling each of my clients to tell him what happened with the fear that they would cancel me ... thank god they knew how to understand and waited 7 more days ... I thought everything had already been fixed but when the 7 days passed I contacted my manufacturer ... and what happened I was afraid he told me that the garments were not made yet that some details were missing and that I waited for 4 more days I felt bad full of rage .. I could not say anything because the garments were already advanced now my fear that again to tell them to my clients that the garments were not finished adas ... and they began to pressure me to tell me that they wanted their garments that their customers were also pricing them. I didn't know what to do, I lost many customers, I lost money and time due to someone else's irresponsibility. return of their money ..

I was just starting in the business and that was my first failure .. the day came that the manufacturer delivered the garments to me and I kept almost all the clothes because the orders had been canceled by most of them .. < / p>

I felt bad I did not know what to do, worrying, stress was crazy ... but I got over it ... and sent again to make clothes but with another manufacturer ... and well, they think the same thing happened to me and worse they did not comply with me Again with the date but at the time the manufacturer did not reach the budget that we had left and he asked me for more money to finish manufacturing the garment it was my second time that it happened to me I did not know what to do I felt frustrated .. p >

I need your support to be able to manufacture my own products.

I wanted to leave everything I told myself this business is not for me .. but well I thought in my family that if I gave up I wouldn't be able to give them anything that I wanted to give them I didn't want them to suffer for me. .so I decided to keep selling and here I am trying to get ahead again ..

Trying to recover from the bad experiences of the losses with the fear of being left with nothing and not fulfilling my dream of having a business to be able to give everything to my family, I continue to sell clothes but already very little ... I no longer have money to keep making store is called BEAUTY

I know I'm going to bring my business to life. I am here to ask for your help and to help me fulfill my dreams I promise that this time I will take forward my store I need your support I am an entrepreneur with a good heart who seeks a way to get ahead for the good of his family.

There are many clients who are waiting for your support so that I can supply them with a lot of clothes and grow my brand, the money will be to buy my sewing machines and I myself make my clothes and not depend on anyone and grow I will thank you very much for my project, thank you for reading me. God bless you.

att gian carlos Quispe santisteban

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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