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HELP a Guatemalan Master of Art and Music

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Hello everyone,

My name is Licasta López and I am the daughter of Maestro José David López, a piano teacher and director of choirs and orchestras.

About Maestro José David López

For more than 30 years the teacher has trained artists and has also given them the opportunity to perform on stage, has written arrangements and formed new concepts for vocal groups and has stood out in our country for constantly creating concerts for the benefit of others.

If you have been part of his cast you will know that he always puts his working hours as a priority making arrangements, rehearsing, even sharing with his work team. And despite asking for discipline and responsibility, he always shares coffee or cookies with his cast or looks for someone to help him by donating parts, and many times even that part ends up being his dinner. Other times he creates meetings just for coexistence with these artists and they make improvised karaoke, open mic and we watch musicals.

The teacher always seeks to do concerts with a purpose. During 2013 and 2014 he performed a concert with Guatemalan music but dedicated to the children of Lake Atitlán and a hospital that needed financial support.

Also from 2014 to 2019 he has created a concert of sacred music, and instead of charging for the entrance every year he has asked for support with food to donate them to various social support institutions.

This year the concert could not be performed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also for several years every December he has gathered a group of volunteer singers and musicians who take a Christmas concert to a hospice with children who have HIV and AIDS, and even cake and pizza are brought to them and a very happy moment of conviviality is spent with those boys, who perhaps otherwise would not have the opportunity to hear a live concert. And there have also been other artistic activities for the benefit of patients in various hospitals.

After 29 years of dedication, COVID-19 is here to put our lives to the test

For 29 years the teacher David López created the academy and music producer ACAI, focusing mainly on training musicians for the church, however, due to the growing competition many people today prefer to pay "cheaper" classes instead to seek quality in their learning.

The teacher has also worked for 9 years at the National Conservatory of Music on the weekend plan, this plan depends directly on the number of students who pay per month. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students dropped out of their music studies and teachers had half their salary reduced, this salary is currently approximately half the minimum salary in Guatemala.

Before, with the total salary, my father could at least pay the monthly rent of the apartment he rents, however today he has been looking for ways to adjust his monthly rent, this is without taking into account his diet and health that they have been very committed this year.

Unfortunately, the tenant of the apartment instead of understanding the situation is determined to get my father out of that apartment, for several months she has been constantly claiming the debt and has asked him for the house at the end of the year. He calls him constantly to pressure him and even I have been frustrated and worried when listening to the calls.

Today, December 2, they also cut off his electricity, since he had not been able to pay it, however this affects his accessibility to electricity and thus his ability to teach online classes.

Honestly in this At the moment my dad does not have the financial solvency to seek to settle in a new place where he can live and put his academy, he cannot even pay a freight to move and the fear of knowing where to put his head to sleep tomorrow is real .

Your support will have a domino effect on Guatemalan artists and the reactivation of art during 2021

Today we are all going through a bad time financially, it is very true, but I think it is valid to ask and there is nothing shameful about it. My dad cannot at this moment dedicate himself to creating projects, making arrangements, organizing rehearsals or thinking about next year because everything is uncertain. That is why I would like to ask your help so that we could support him by giving him an economic boost to start his year.

My proposal is projected for a couple of months of rent, food, health and a stable salary; and also to be able to move from his current home. So my dad can have financial peace of mind and dedicate himself to making art and continue supporting and promoting Guatemalan artists.

If you want more information about the teacher or how to help him, or if you want to become a sponsor of the production company and know the benefits of it, you can send us an email to or

Today I come to ask for your support, if you can support us with any amount, my father will be very grateful, also if you share with more people we can get to know this case.

Your support will have a domino effect on Guatemalan artists and on the reactivation of art during 2021.

From now on I thank you, thank you, thank you.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Contribute by sharing] button to share my project!

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