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Support Edwin Miranda's Fight For His Life

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"I just want to live"

This is the last conversation Kuya Edwin had with his sister, Ate Tina. With this high resolve to live, who in the family has the right to deny him of his fight for his life? 

As Kuya Edwin willingly gave his life to his family, they are doing their best to provide for his medical needs in order to save his life but still, it is not enough. The reality of the high cost of hospitalization in the Philippines led the family to appeal to the generosity of others in order to help save Kuya Edwin. 

Kuya Edwin is the brother of my mentor, Ate Tina, and over the years that I have known them, I know that Kuya Edwin is a loving brother who willingly devoted his life to his family. This time, it is he who needs help. 

Kuya Edwin is currently in ICU at a private hospital in Cabanatuan City, Philippines. Last November, he was brought to the hospital for complaints of shortness of breath. He, however, was only given medicine and was advised to go home so as not to be exposed to COVID-19. 

Unfortunately, his case worsen the next day. He had been having severe sobs so the family brought him again to the hospital. Due to the pandemic, public hospitals could not accommodate him and the family was forced to bring him to a private hospital. 

He was tested and isolated for COVID but twice, the result turned out negative. Until now, doctors have yet to determine the real cause of the continuous decline of his health. Various tests and medicines were administered but it did not improve his condition and he remains to be in ICU. They have also been transferring him blood to improve his sats but he continues to desats despite efforts to wean down the oxygen requirements. He has also been intubated and was put on a ventilator until now. 

Accordingly, he is suspected of either having fungal pneumonia resulting in acute respiratory distress syndrome. The doctors also suspect that he is immunocompromised because his body is not responding to the medicine -- the reason, however, is still unknown. Aside from this, his hemoglobin also continues to go down despite not having any sign of bleeding in the stomach or anywhere; his platelet is also going down so he was given another unit of blood.

As of writing, he is still on a ventilator and still needs another unit of blood. He is still on antibiotic and is being fed through nasogastric tube. Yesterday, December 11, Doctors also informed that he has already developed sepsis. The progressive analysis of the doctors said that it will take another 21 days of observation to fully make a conclusive report of his case.  

This sudden decline in his health has not only brought emotional challenges to the family, but they also have to face the ballooning medical cost. In less than a month, his running bill reached Php 1,256,000 (26 106.838 USD) -- an amount that even families who are in a better financial position will find to be a challenge. 

The family wishes to transfer Kuya Edwin to a public hospital (once there is available space) but a certain amount has yet to be settled with the current hospital. 

This is the reason why we are raising the fund to help pay for his medical expenses. 

We appeal to your kindness and generosity to help us raise the fund that will help cover parts of his medical expenses. On behalf of the family and friends of Kuya Edwin, we would like to thank you and express that any amount given will be of great help in saving Kuya Edwin's life. Again, thank you very much and God bless you.

Apart from supporting through airfunding, the family also accepts donations thru GCASH.

For GCASH donations, you may send them to 09178063192. You may also connect with Cristina Miranda at for any questions and direct support. Thank you very much!

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