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My Brother's Brain Surgery

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the flag image of country Jossa Roxas

Hi, my name is Jossa, me and my family (consist of my mom and my brother) is living on the Philippines.

Two nights ago December 11, 2020 my brother Raymon D. Roxas, 28, was diagnosed with brain tumor, the doctor said that he needs an immediate operation because its already big and very dangerous. 

Going back a few months ago, he has a work and we noticed that he's acting not the usual, he wont talk and eat the same way he used to, he makes more time being alone and not talk to any of us. As months passes he stopped working and stay at home, he doesn't go out. He always want to be alone. His body weight dropped and it is obvious now, we are worried since day one but he won't talk, maybe he doesn't want our mom to get stressed because of what he feels because she's already old and not that strong anymore. 4 days ago December 09, 2020 he's talking to himself loudly that we can hear him and after a few moments we heard a bang upstairs then mom start screaming and crying because Raymon just collapse and we all thought that it's the end for him, we immediately took him downstairs and about to bring him to the hospital and his life is back, that was so sudden that we're already crying and breaking down, still thank God for not getting him that early. The moment we woke up he's not the same he's talking but we don't understand any word he speaks, his old self is gone and he began to be aggressive and don't sleep at all. December 10 2020 we now decided to bring him to the hospital, he undergo xray and various tests and thats where the devastating news will come after, the doctor told us that my brother have a brain tumor. He needs an operation as soon as possible.

My mom still cries but I need to be strong for her, I was blank for a day but still don't let my emotions rule my head, now I need to find a way to make my brother live longer as long as me. Now we don't see him for a day because of the security of safety in the hospital because of the pandemic, we need lots of prayers and the littlest of help we can have for him right now, I love my brother so much and I still want him to live life because he's too young and there's still a lot I want him to experience 💔.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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