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Greetings meow to all of you ,, catlovers wherever you are ,,

I am Miss CoMoRy - SARC ,, I live in Palangkaraya - Central Kalimantan, Indonesia ,,

With my husband, Mr. Lopon Kaliandra, and his colleagues, we have founded 1.5 years ago and together a team to rescue abandoned cats. Previously to get funds, we used to raise donation from friends or colleagues of the SARC Team. But recently, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, my husband and I and many teammates had lost our jobs. We are are affected by the economy ,, and it brings effect to SARC, causing the donations becoming less and less and even are having a budget deficit or minus ,,,

Let's share a fortune with furry friends at the Palangkaraya SARC (Save And Rescue Cat) Shelter House

At the SARC shelter, we currently accommodate 24 cats ,,, per month we need 30 kg of dry food (Bolt brand) and 20 cans of wet food (Whiskas, tuna brands) ,,, not to mention other supplies like under pad ,,, cat litter ,,, and medicines as well as vitamins ,,,

We have also been evicted 3 times from the rent, because the landlord doesn't like us to take care of and accommodate abandoned cats ,,, and in the end we rented a house, with a large yard ,,, fenced around ,,, 1 year 12 million rupiah ,, but we get relief so we can pay 1 million per month ,,,

Again because this pandemic is taking place, it has greatly affected the economy of our teammates, so that the donation has decreased ,,,

Previously we were lended a motorbike for rescue and other activities to help stranded cats ,,, but just this week, the owner asked the motorbike back ... and now we can't move any further ,,,

We are saddened by the survival of the cats in the SARC shelter ,,

We need donations for house rent and food stocks

We sincerely beg for all of catlovers wherever you are ,, wish you willing to spare a little for our furry kitten at the SARC shelter house ,,,

I will use the donation it to pay the rent for the next 1 month, before are being kicked out because we couldn't pay the rent ... also to buy food stock for the furry friends for the next 1 month ,,,

Thank you very much beforehand, I say to all of you wherever you are ,,,

Miss CoMoRy ,, 14 Dec 2020

WA: +6283150901011

IG: xna_2101

FB: Xna CoMoRy

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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