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Hello, my name is Priscila Bustamante and I have been invited to participate in the Residencia Artistica Raíces, which will take place in the department of Andalgalá in the north of Argentina, in April 2021. My application to the residency did not require a previous project, it is rather an invitation to create from the surrounding landscape of the place where it is done.

My Trajectory/Biography

I was born in Quito in 1990. I am a writer of poetry and theater. I have participated in several workshops of creative writing dictated by Santiago Peña and Huilo Ruales, in Kafka School of Writers. I was one of the ten selected to the call WANTED POET of the VI International Festival Poetic Landing in Guayaquil, 2017. I collaborated with the virtual platform Liberoamérica and part of my work appeared in the anthologies: Liberoamericanas, 80 poetas contemporáneas (edition Argentina - Uruguay) and Liberoamericanas: 140 poetas contemporáneas (edition Spain), both projects of the publishing house of the same name. My poems have been published in several magazines in the country. One of my works written for micro theater was brought to the stage by the renowned theater director Pedro Saad, as part of the project El Instante Microteatro. I was selected to participate in the Creative Writing Workshop of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, edition 2018 - 2020, directed by Edwin Madrid. Several of my poems are part of Antología 2020, a sample of the work done by the participants during the two years of the workshop. I took part in the Training Workshops for Reading Mediators given by FUNDALECTURA and the Ministry of Culture, and I have worked with children in reading mediation and creative writing activities.

About the Raíces Artistic Residency

Buena Vista, Aconquija - Catamarca

Raíces is a contemporary art residence for the experimentation and research of those who travel through it. It takes place in the Aconquija Valley ("Snow that forms at high altitude next to the moon"), land of ancestral cultures of the Argentine northwest. It takes place since 2017 and is organized by the Policarpo Cultural Center. 

It seeks to decentralize the circles through which the art and culture of our region is handled. In this way, to bring artistic practices closer to natural (rural) contexts, relating artists in a friendly way and connecting them with the landscape, the community and intimate exploration.

The Polycarp Cultural Center is located at 1700 meters above sea level, in a valley of approximately 40 kilometers in length, belonging to the department of Andalgalá (bordering the southwest of Tucumán). Its natural environment offers a profoundly sensitive experience, due to the diversity of biomes and has a privileged view of the snowy peaks of the Sierra del Aconquija, summits that exceed 5000 meters. The Pukará is the most representative archeological site, joined to the Inca's road "Qhapaq Ñam", declared world heritage by UNESCO. It is an ancestral land of cultures like "Alamito", "Condor Huasi", "Cienaga" and the Diaguita Nation. The habitat of this encounter is extremely important to generate new links in communication with nature and the environment.

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The financial support received will be used to cover the following items

                         ITEM                                COST

Stay at C. C. Policarpo (10 days)*     $220,00

Round trip ticket UIO - BUE (approx.)      $650,00

Mobilization within Argentina            $170,00

                        TOTAL                               $1040,00


*50% of this value was previously cancelled confirming my participation in the residence.

Upon my return to Ecuador, the realization of a Mini Documental that will gather my experience of creation in residence, in addition to the publication of a Plaquette, which will compile (totally or partially), the artistic process and the result obtained during my participation in the Residence. The budget surplus will be used for the production of these elements.

You can read part of my work in the following links:

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