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My name is Oscar Duvan Montiel Liscano, I am 23 years old, and I live in Ibagué Tolima Colombia, I am an entrepreneur, digital animator and film lover. Before Covid-19 I worked in a supermarket in the advertising area, unfortunately, at that time there was a staff cut in which many of us were included. Currently, in Colombia, we are millions unemployed because of the pandemic, and mismanagement of our resources by the government, and apart and from the current negative socioeconomic and political situation we are going through as a country (protests), the deficit and shortages have been and will increase considerably.


In April 2021, I undertook alone a business project in the digital marketing industry sector. In 1 month and with only a cell phone (which he currently worked with), I managed to develop and fully produce the corporate brand design of the business, which I titled, "Miscellaneous Products ONLINE", I also created a blog page called, "https://productosvariosonline.blogspot. com, and social networks such as Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, all of course under the name and official corporate design of the brand.


My problem and need arise at the time of creating the corporate email and official website of the brand, because as expected, the business plan (Business Starter) and the domain of the website, have a fixed monthly economic cost. As you know, in business today and since always, it has been of vital importance to have a good physical and digital presence and image, so for me, it is of vital importance to find the necessary economic resources to make up for this lack. And I say it is vital, because, with these tools, all my potential visitors and customers will feel fullness, confidence and have guarantees as to the quality and professionalism of my products and services. Besides, I also need for this business venture, 1 basic computer, because the one I had has been burned.

These are the reasons why today I am needing and asking for your support, to gather and invest that small capital in; 1 corporate mail package (Business Starter) and 1 corporate domain, as they would be in the case, for example,,, and Your help will serve to plant the bases and pillars of my future business and to give it an official, corporate and professional value. My goals with this project are; to start my own business thanks to your help, to establish and position it in the market, and to invest in advertising in the near future to increase traffic and sales. My dream is to have my own startup, expand it and live and help other people and street animals with it.

How much, why and how will I use the money?

I need a total of $290.77 USD equal to $1,090,885 COP.

- For hardware infrastructure concepts (without promotions):

- Basic computer: $160 equal to $599. 531 COP.

- For software infrastructure concepts (without promotions):

- Business Starter for 1 year (Google): $72 USD equal to $269.964 COP.

- Domain for 1 year (Google): $12 USD equal to $44.994 COP.

- Hosting for 1 year (Colombia Hosting): $37. 09 USD equal to $140.000 COP.

- 8% withdrawal tax (Airfunding): $9.68 USD equal to $36.396 COP.

TOTAL: $290.77 USD equal to $1.090.885 COP.

(In this value I did not take into account any promotion, since these expire and like money, they are volatile and fluctuate).


I would need the money by July 20, 2021, since in the work schedule of the project, by the beginning of August of the same year, my first info product, developed and produced precisely by "Productos varios ONLINE", should already be available on the market. (although the sooner, the better, since I have to do 80% of the activities with the computer).


To be honest, the only way I have to thank you for your help, is through several permanent mentions in all my networks. But if you have any ideas, let me know, and we can reach an agreement because I am willing to collaborate with pleasure and enthusiasm. Finally and truly and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and trust in me and my project, I wish you many blessings for you and your family, may you have much prosperity and many successes, excellent finances, health, love, and life. (I promise never to forget this gesture).


- Link of the exposed prices (Google Business Starter and domain):

- Link of the exposed prices (Colombia Hosting):


- Mail: (recommended).

- Facebook:

- Instagram:

- Twitter:

- YouTube:

- LinkedIn:

- Blogspot:


- Business Starter por 1 año (Google): $72 USD igual a $269.964 COP.

- Dominio por 1 año (Google): $12 USD igual a $44.994 COP.

- Hosting por 1 año (Colombia hosting): $37.09 USD igual a $140.000 COP.

- 8% de impuesto por retiro del dinero (Airfunding): $9.68 USD igual a $36.396 COP.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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