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Help us with our rescued kittens

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WHO are you? 

My name is Liseth Paredes, I am a psychologist by profession

 Where do you live? 

I live in Lima - Peru

 What problem do you want to solve? 

I seek support to cover feeding, vaccinations, deworming, spaying, neutering and veterinary treatments for the 20 kittens currently in adoption that are temporarily placed in our homes.

All this year we have covered everything mentioned above with our economic income from our work and with the sales of cakes made by us.

However, this month our income has decreased and that's why we are looking for support, because we want to continue helping the kittens we currently have.

A little bit of our history...

Two friends and I joined together this year to give dogs and cats in a state of abandonment for adoption.

Our group is called four legs.

The link is as follows - Review our adoption cases.

We have managed to give an average of 40 dogs and cats up for adoption this year.

Adoptions are through steps and requirements to find responsible families.

Some pictures as evidence of the adoptions, we take the puppies and kittens to the houses, because we want to know where they will live to follow them. 

There are people who support us by providing temporary shelter for some of our rescued people, but we still cover the food, sand and treatments.

 WHY do you need that amount of money? 

I need that amount of money, because our economic resources have been diminished this month and we want to cover the expenses of the kittens we currently have with us.

 WHEN would you need the funds? 

I would need to collect for one week to cover the children's expenses for this month. 

 HOW are you going to use the funds raised? 

The resources will be destined to the 20 kittens that we have, some are in adoption others still because they follow veterinary treatment. 

Some pictures of our rescued kittens, as evidence. 

Snow White: Rescued kitten, she is 1 year old, we sterilize her, she has mites problems, she is following her treatment. She is in a storm. We cover the costs of food, sand, medicine and temporary. 

Kitty: 2 month old kitten, found in an abandoned box with spinal problems, she is paraplegic, we want to treat her and take her to a specialist. 

The x-ray of the small 

Blond: Adult cat that is in a storm, has feline AIDS, can not be with healthy cats because it could infect them,  it covers its food, vitamins and sand. 

Small ones that are in adoption, are needed for feeding, vaccination and deworming.  

A 7 month old sterilized kitten is in adoption, it is also needed for feeding and annual vaccination. 

4 month old Kaila is in adoption, it is needed for her 2nd booster shot and her feeding. 

Betty  8 months, in adoption, sterilized in recovery. 

Spotting: required for sterilization and annual vaccination. Kitten rescued with her little ones. It is in adoption. 

The only puppy we currently have is Beethoven, he is about 6 months old, he was picked up from the street with a sore throat all over his body, we treated him and now we are looking for his adopter. We require for his feeding and vaccination. 

I would be very happy if you would use the [Collaborate by Sharing] button to share my project!  and to be able to help our kittens 

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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