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Due to the situation that Venezuela is going through, I was forced along with my family to leave the country with my wife, my one year old son, my mother, my sister, my two nieces and my brother-in-law, we started the trip to Colombia, with some suitcases full of dreams and our final destination would be Bogotá. Where our other sister who has been living for 2 years was waiting for us, in the capital of the neighboring country. 

On the way of the trip, already in Cúcuta-Colombia, I was crossing a bridge in the late hours of the night, since I do not have a passport because the issuing entity of my country has been waiting for me for two years and they still do not give it to me.

I would find myself on the other side of the bridge with my family just as I'm arriving, I slip and fall down a mountain cliff several meters. There I felt a strong crack in my left leg, starting to scream in pain. Other people who were crossing helped me while my family was screaming and crying, asking if I was okay. At that moment,  They brought me to the surface and my family hugged me, telling me that everything was going to be okay; I told them that they would continue without me to Bogota, since it was night and not to expose the children anymore.. 

She stayed with me, my older sister, they called the Red Cross to give me first aid, which  llevaron  to a nearby hospital. I had to have an operation within three weeks because otherwise there is a risk that I will not be able to have the operation and I will be left with a leg injury. 

At the hospital, they gave me something for the pain, put a splint on me and told me that they could not operate on me; because I do not have papers to prove my entry into Colombia, I do not have public health insurance  and they told me that I had to leave the hospital.

My sister and I had to pay for a hotel for two days. Then a person we knew helped us stay at their house and the little savings we had bought some food. A few days later I had to pay for a consultation at a private clinic; I was in a lot of pain and they told me that I could have surgery without papers; but I had to have the amount of 6,200,000 Colombian pesos, which I do not have.

For this reason, together with my brothers, we organized this campaign, here are the images so you can see the medical report and the plates of the fracture.

I would be very grateful if you could support it with a donation and then share it with your network of friends and family. I know you may not have any money left, so I want you to know that even a $1 donation would be a great help to me. 

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them, I just wish I could meet my loved ones and give my family a future, I trust in your good heart. God bless you and have a nice Christmas.

He says goodbye with a big hug:

Sunday Vivenes Betancourt y Hermanos


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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