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I want my friend to have Heart Valvular Replacement Surgery

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Hello everyone,

I am Divina Sayaan, Overcomer of Stage 3A HER2+ Breast Cancer, Cancer advocate, Coordinator of Warrior in Me Cancer Support Baguio City, Philippines.

But this story is not about me. This is the story of a dad, husband, family man, teacher, friend and neighbor. He was a hard working dad providing for the needs of his family. He is a loving family man for his wife and children. He is a dedicated teacher Victor to his students. Even with his condition he still manages to encourage his friends and an inspiration of resilience to his neighbors.

His name is Victor Mayocyos Jr. He is my friend and I want others to know more about him. And why I wanted to help him through this project.

Friendship knows no distance and boundaries. We are neighbors although he lived on top of a hill, Quirino Hill and I live at the foot of the hill. In the cool city of pine trees Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Victor Mayocyos Jr. has been enduring his disease for 14 years, needs your support

Victor was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease, Mitral and Aortic Stenosis, Mitral and Aortic Regurgitation, Congestive Heart Failure IIB and Bronchial Asthma. In 2007 to present he was advised by his cardiologist to undergo a Heart Valvular Replacement of the Mitral and Aortic Valves. He has been enduring his disease for 14 years.

His urgent need is follow up check up at the Philippine Heart Center in Manila, but due to this pandemic he needs to wait until travel restrictions to be lifted. For now he is taking in cocktail of medicines to survive. His daily pills includes Trimitazidine (2 tabs a day), Chlopedogril (1 tab a day), Isosorbide Dinitrate ( ½ as needed), Furosimide (1 a day), Spironolactone (1 a day), Budsonide Nebule (1 per day), Salbutamol Nebule (2 per day), Ventolin puff (1 per day). He is also on maintenance nebulization oxygen inhalation. He is in need of portable oxygen concentrators so he could move unrestricted.

I can’t solve my friend’s problem alone without your help

I cannot do this alone and I can’t solve my friend’s problem alone without your help. I tried other means like fund raising for a cause with selling t-shirts for a cause and other merchandize but it is not enough to support the urgent need and buy medicines. I am raising such amount for his Heart Valvular Replacement surgery, daily medications, oxygen concentrator and to cover his expenses going to his follow up check up in Philippine Heart Center, Manila which is 244 kilometers away from where we are located.

With your generosity and kind heart I hope to raise the amount within 2 months. And help Victor, his wife and children ease their financial exhaustion. His wife is the only one working and making ends meet. And this Covid 19 is making their situation more difficult. He once said, “I am a dad and I’m supposed to provide for my family but sadly I am their burden”.

I want to help my friend Victor, because years back in the darkest and lowest moments of my life many kind hearted and generous givers who doesn’t know and haven’t met me extended their hands to help. They were strangers who were willing to share their finances. I cannot give back to them what they gave me. I want to show my gratitude to all those who had helped me by paying it forward to my friend through this fund raising project. And for Victor to feel that there are people who are ready to help, to support him and who care for him.

Thank you and God bless.

You can also help Victor by sharing his story.

You can check out our activities and what our support group does with these links:

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