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‘Novus Terra’ is in Latin as simply translated as ‘the new world’ in English.

We are a social enterprise that was set up by a team of African youths from Uganda, East Africa in 2012 with the greatest desire to offer I.C.T related technological services to African societies at a giveaway price. Looking at the digital divide not only in Uganda but Africa at large, our vision was drawn to help the under privileged people have access to information through efficient use of I.C.T related tools and technology. The company has been operational with her mission and vision till now.

Novus Terra (U) Limited to fill the unmet I.C.T needs in the areas of Mubende, Kassanda and Masaka specializing in increasing ICT literacy and coverage to the local people. We have worked with a number of youth organizations and business enterprises in Uganda and worldwide to bridge this technology gap through training and innovations suitable for the local communities. We recently conducted a survey targeting the youth who are the main pillars of societal transformation and we found that in Kassanda district only 10% (numbers over total studied) had access to smart phones which are the main sources of modern computer applications. Of these < 17% could access information with the help of working smart phone (Novus Terra Information). Further document review indicated that the Eastern region had < 10% Internet users and access to smart phones. This leaves approximately a 90% gap of individuals without smart phones and unlikely to use Internet

With God on our side; today Novus Terra connects with number businesses and organizations with exceptional services and products on market as we strive to touch the hearts of our clients and partners that we serve. During our time in operation, we have served more than 325 clients, partners and vulnerable people and in Uganda, Africa and the entire world at large. In five years’ time given the presence of the required resources and funds, we project to satisfy 5000 clients, partners and vulnerable people of Africa.

We intend to set up one first in life stop computer center in Mityana –Uganda, East Africa, Africa where our social enterprise services will be ran. It is going to be a one stop point where both our clients, partners and vulnerable communities will come for their ICT related requirements will reach their individual satisfactions. This will be the place where we shall to meet the vulnerable communities that we will equip with the computer skills.

 “As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness”

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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