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For my Brother Medical Expenses

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Hi, I’m Ellenore Charlene Magbojos sister of Lorenzo Sebastien Anonas, you can call me Elai and my brother LS or Enzo. He was born on November 1, 1994 and the youngest of the 3 Children of Boker and Onor, an Uncle to 5 gorgeous and handsome kids. He lives with my parents in Bacoor, Cavite where I stay during workdays. He lives a normal childhood where your parents do there best to give the best for their children, he wasn’t able to graduate in college, but he tries his best not a burden to my parents. He works which also help him to be meet a lot of people and be friendly as he is. I want to say he was bully when he was in elementary, but he never told us if that’s truth, but I saw it one time when I fetch him one time from his school. Any way LS is silent type person not introvert, but he never opens to us, but we usually have a chat what’s happening to his life.

Like almost all of us 2020 is not a friendly year, like other family we fight this year with all our strength. Then came the September when all crumbling down, LS already has a gallbladder stones on his  body we are hoping it will pass thru this intestine but that doesn’t happen a emergency surgery need to be done for the toxic in his body to be release as for my mother the first procedure was the  t-tube cholangiogram procedure it cost us almost 170,000 php then 2nd operation happen 3weeks after  to removed the stone we though everything is back to normal as my Father and sister has been on the same operation to remove the stone. Then Dec 2, 2020 3rd operation to remove the catheters, as doctor confirm everything is normal. By this time we are hoping to have a new year in Cavite with my children but came Dec 26 my mom and I planning to get us here in Batangas to have a new year in Cavite but she mention that LS is having a fever and his skin are turning yellow I just told her to bring him already in hospital since I got a bad feeling. So, with the help of our neighbors in Cavite she brought him to the hospital  it took almost 2-3days for them to fully attend to my brother needs since COVID test it needed since his already having a fever. As today the blood test has result but not the final diagnosis, blood came back with a Klebsiella pneumoniae with research I found out this

Additionally, the bacteria might contaminate medical objects like:


ureter catheters

intravenous catheters

As of now we are waiting for the final diagnosis, we need your help to raise fund for my brother as now we have nothing left for the 4th operation that happen last Dec 31 and the running bill as of today is at 152,000 php. Any amount is a big help for us and especially to my brother the funds that will be raise will all be go to the Bills in the hospital and the medication he needed. Please also included my brother to your prayers.

The doctor also mentions to my mom that my brother might need to do a cleaning every 3months but not sure if this still be standing after they got the final diagnosis

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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