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I want to build the dreams I dreamt

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Hello everyone,

I'm sure everyone has their own dreams car. And who in the world doesn’t want to own their own dreams car!

To start with, when I was 12, I happens to watch the movie called “Too Fast Too Furious”. I'm damn sure everyone who born in 90’s watched it and again I’m sure that everyone said that “Brian is me and Nissan Skyline is my dream car”. I bet you all said that loudly or even in our heart. Because, I myself was in that place, heck I still am saying that loudly every morning before after wakes up. Some even pasted picture of it onto the wall. Hahahahaha. I tell you we all been there. Don’t you dare lie! 🤣🤣

Everyone have their own dream car

Being born in 90’s is hard because we got to see and experience every changes that happens from what's in the world to changes of people’s lives. The transition from playing in the dirt to schools then steps to colleges and finally working life. It is an amazing transition, to us and to everyone in which ever ways we faced it, with families and friends.

First of all, I know and I’m sure everyone have their own dream car, like I said earlier. Whether its big or small, it’ll bring us from point A to point B, whether its cheap or expensive, still can lead us to our home seeing our parent and to earn a livings. Even, the memories of deliverance of the first baby will makes us appreciate the very first car we own. My point is that we face so many obstacles to achieve our dreams and ride on it.

We are working on our dream car

While we are working on that dream, we faced with our own struggles and suddenly we drifted away from achieving it. We focus on other things and things faded away along with what we dreamt of in the first place.

Until that night, while in the hustle and bustle of our own world, we suddenly catching up with our own dreams. You wondering what happened to what and where that dream faded away throughout our entire life and like I, I swear that I need to fix this and to get the chance to strive it, the dream that been faded away.

Doing I actually love, support me!

I'm reaching to all peoples in the worlds, car lover to facilitate me to again be in love with car and to build our dreams from ground up.

Please help me shares this around the world so that people like me in the entire world can tastes what dreams car is.

Spread love not hate!

I'm out. . .

Ahmad Azim

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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