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It was December 28 when my tita Alona Alunan went home after a day spent working in a mall at Recto, Manila when she felt so tired and had trouble breathing. We (her family) thought it was nothing but her mere asthma, which like usual, she will be fine when she takes her medicines. She, however, tossed and turned, and was unable to sleep. Until morning of December 29, we had to rush to the nearest drugstore to buy stuffs for her nebulizer in hope that after nebulizing, she will be back from her normal breathing. Things did not went the way we wanted it to be. Her condition became really severe, she was already gasping for air calling my Lola and her color was already pale too. Many times we attempted to bring her to the hospital but she refused in fear of getting the COVID virus. That's the time we were left with no other choice but to really bring her to the hospital and so we called an ambulance. My grandmother could not accompany her in the ambulance because of her age and the high risk of catching the virus. So her sister (my other tita) and I went to accompany her inside the ambulance to the hospital. 

I felt so helpless inside the ambulance. I cannot do something to help her. All I did was to help my other tita to keep her awake while pleading to the ambulance driver to drive the fastest way he could. When the ambulance reached the nearest hospital to us (Valenzuela General Hospital at Karuhatan), we stayed outside the emergency ward. We were waiting  for the doctors or somebody to help my tita. But they ignored us as if we were not there. As if they were not seeing the situation of how my tita was having trouble breathing. Up to the time we had to call their attention and beg for them to assist my tita. One of the medical personnel stood near the ambulance and checked her. He burst out silently "tsk tsk" while listening to his stethoscope placed on the back of my tita.He then said they were full to capacity. AND THAT WAS ALSO THE ONLY TIME THEY LET MY TITA USED THE OXYGEN TANK INSIDE THE AMBULANCE. All along that she was gasping for air and almost lost her consciousness. 

We insisted to admit my tita there because we are scared that she can not make it to Jose Reyes Medical Center (as where the nurse was telling us to transfer my tita). But he refused and said they cannot really admit her. So then we transferred her to Jose Reyes. My tita was getting more weak, and  was experiencing agonal breathing which consist of couple of breaths. I was getting hopeless but I made sure she will not notice it. I remained strong and we kept on reminding her not to sleep, and she can do it and to just pray. The traffic made her suffer more. When we got to the hospital, same situation happened. They were already full of capacity. They were instructing us to bring her to Philippine General Hospital (PGH). We did not waste any more time since they can not do something to help my tita. We headed immediately to PGH and I could not help it, I already cried. All I thought that I can do that time was to make her strong, and we kept her awake because she should not sleep.

At the Philippine General Hospital, a doctor went to us and checked her. The next thing we heard from the female doctor was horrible. She told us she had to be intubated because of her breathing. The oxygen had already no help to my tita and if we would not decide to intubate her, my tita might suffer with cardiac arrest within less than 24 hours. With heavy hears and fear, we had to to put our trust to the doctors. We let them do what they have to do for the good of my tita.

At the same day, around 8 in the evening, my family received an update from the doctor. Right lungs of my tita had already collapsed and her brain had lost the supply of oxygen. Next day, more bad news came in. She has a lung infections. They have seen also holes in her lungs and that's why they had to put another tube on her. Later on, we knew that she tested positive to COVID virus and that she had to be transferred to Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The doctor told us they had to treat her with the treatment for critical covid patients and there is only a 50/50 possibility that she will make it.Thankfully, Doctors put extreme care and treatment on her. On New Year's eve, she regained her consciousness. Though weak, she managed to ask for her cellphone to contact us. However, it was only the nurse who hold the phone when we had a video call. BIG THANKS to all of them who made my tita strong and pushed her to fight and for being kind to her and giving her family while being in the ICU. We did not stop praying. We asked for prayers to our friends and relatives. AND GOD DO LISTENED TO US, like always. My tita eventually gained back her strength. Couple of days had passed. Her recovery did not stop and she became better and better every day. Until she was transferred to ward from the ICU and one of her tube was already removed.

As of now, she is still at the PGH, making herself feeling better. Since we cannot go near her because again, she tested positive with covid. Speaking of that, the rest of the family also had to undergo swab testing. What happened to my tita forced all of us to temporarily stop from working. We all needed to put all of our attentions to her and all that she needs for her recovery and healing.

Not also to mention, my tita is the bread winner of the family. She pays for the huge part of our monthly bills and monthly house rental. This challenge that we are on hinders her and some of the family members to go back to work as soon as possible because she still have to continue to treat her lungs and someone in the family have to fully focus on her and help her because she should not get  exhausted or tired. She have to refrain from heavy works. Hence, this put as on another challenge.

 That is why I am hear before you as we face financial challenges at this bad time. We still do not know how much would be her hospital bills since she was placed in ICU. We need to maintain her medications and with the kind of illness she has now, her medicines are really a challenge. And that even we add up our income as a family, it will not be enough for the bills, expenses, her medicines and her 7 years old child. My grandmother also has maintenance for her highblood while my grandfather has also maintenance for his asthma and skin disease.

I am asking for a little help for my tita and for my family. The smallest of donations makes a world of difference, and we will be eternally grateful for the support we will be receiving from you. We will owe it to you big time.You may send your donations through my bank account 0000040552976 or through my gcash account, 09617839557 or you may reach me out on facebook, Joyce Alunan . 

Thank you so much to all of you. May God do the returns for your generosity.

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