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My name is RICHARD AGHOLOR. I live in Accra Ghana. I am a philanthropist that was drawn to this site when I discovered that most children in my neighborhood who usually rely on the little things I give out needs more than help to survive. I have given out almost all I have and could not keep up any more. But with much passion I am believing there is help somewhere from someone that can make a difference. I was speechless when I found some homeless children in the refuse dump picking up plastics sachets to sell to the recycling plants operators just to feed. I was moved to take a step further to see how I can assist.  

life in Ghana never remain the same for an average person living in my community where I reside during the covid19 lockdown how much more the child on the street who beg to feed everyday. As the lockdown advanced most passers by do not even have to take care of themselves how much more to give alms. Though the lockdown has been called off, but the impact it left on peoples life is directly passed on to the children begging on the street. Schools are reopening after a full year of none school activity in 2020 and not even the youngest child among them have little hope to attend kindergarten  for the first time in her life. She has lived all her life squatting from place to place with her mother and have not witnessed a night sleeping with electricity since she was born. It breaks my heart to see this happening and I believe  there is a way out.  The world problems are enormous but we can start solving them by just looking at our direct neighborhood and make a little impact 

As I am desperate to find a way, I am passionately appealing to  anyone who have left over on their table to passionately give to this project just for this time.

when I am able to raise the fund I needed through you, I wish to stock up food and basic needs for them just to hold on till my business resume and I can continue with what comes from my income. I know it is hard for the society at large but a gesture of love can keep a child moving on. 

This funds is needed almost immediately as the situation of these children get worse by the day. My view is to keep them off from the refuse dump to prevent extra cost of curing infections and diseases and offer an opportunity for the little girl to experience kindergarten. 

My contact is +233204177313 .I am also available on 

Any donation will be highly appreciated and will be effectively utilized for this project. 




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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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