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For my Uncle's Tuberculosis Operation

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the flag image of country Rohadzma N. Najeb

Everybody wishes for a wonderful life. But all I ever wish for is a life where my dear Uncle is smiling.

At one point in life, everything was perfect. Not all would call living a simple life perfect– but I do; and at one point in life, we did have that. A life by no means poor or extravagant; but my family already found contentment by simply living together in a house and with people of content hearts– one of them my beloved Uncle. But then a terrorist attack took place in our hometown, Marawi City, in the Philippines a few years ago (May 23, 2017)– and that was the turning point of our life.

We had to leave the house, leave the town, and settle to a nearby city. Nobody expected what happened, and nobody could believe it either. The destruction was massive– bombs were dropped, houses were destroyed, the city was a picture of terror and dear lives were lost. Up until to this day, I myself still find what happened so utterly unbelievable, unacceptable, and unfair. That it happened to us, to our family, and we must face the consequence of a… not well-put life… of probably an entire lifetime of suffering.

We are homeless for almost four years now– the whole family having my single mother as the only breadwinner. Her monthly salary only goes as far as for paying the primary needs such as food, water, apartment rents, and medicine for my grandmother, who is a diabetic person, and my grandfather, who suffers with a hypertensive heart and epilepsy.

However though, what drove me to join his platform and to hope to receive help from you– aren't my grandparents' cases, for God is merciful enough that we are able to attend their medical needs. I am asking for help for my 50 year old Uncle, Abdulaziz P. Macabangon, who is suffering from Tuberculosis.


He's infected for a long time now, and as much as we want to send him to a good hospital– my mother, along with her other siblings, could only afford to send him to our city's public hospital for check ups, and this only happens occasionally when we have no choice because we can see my Uncle in extreme pain. In most events, he's coughing up an horrific amount of blood; and showing other TB symptoms such as fever, night sweats and chest pain. He was countlessly told by the doctors that he critically needs to be operated on, but unfortunately my whole family could not afford the financial expenses. The surgical treatment requires a huge sum of money and the only hope I could ever think of is to raise this campaign. The treatment fee costs around 10,000$.

It is true when I said I only ever wanted a simple life. It's okay if we don't own a house, a pocket money for vacation, the previous life that we had, or anything like that. I really, really only sincerely wish for the well-being of my Uncle– for him to live healthy and live a longer life. I guarantee your generosity to be only used for this purpose. Your help will be very much appreciated, and would save not only my dear Uncle's life, but my entire family's too. He means the entire world to us.

Thank you for believing in me. All help will be appreciated. Thank you very much and I hope your 2021 is good so far.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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