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New baby born and partner injured

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Hello friends and family. I am Marcus, the proud father of 3 (including a newborn) and a lovely wife. I am from the Pasig area in Manila. 

During a Caesarean my partner's large intestine was cut by the doctor. not only do we have the birth bills but we also have the bills from her surgery and treatment. I literally spent about 30K just in the pharmacy over the last 4 days.

Now our bill after the fact is over 130,000. They are threatening to keep baby and mom in the hospital because all our funds were exhausted in the pharmacy. (Mind you, the intestine was cut by the doctor who is trying not to take responsibility for her actions)

My wife has to wear a colostomy bag for 6 months to a year now. Worst of all, there will be another necessary surgery to place the intestine back in its rightful place She is terribly depressed as well as I am and all of this financial responsibility is on just me as she in not employed at the moment. 

We never ask for anything and i have never been in this situation. We just ask as any amount that you help us with this great injustice. Her Narrative below.

I entered the operating room around 8:30 of Jan 06, 2021 to have CS section. Everything was smooth. They prepared me for the operation. I was introduced to the the anesthesiologist and he did injected me to numbed me just half of my body ( from upper abdomen until to my both legs ). So, they tested me and all to make sure that I won’t feel any pain. So after few minutes ( 5-10mins ) maybe, they are ready to open me up to get the baby out. So, OB started to cut me. After few minutes, 5-7mins, I can heard the OB that she is on panic. She said “shit, shit!! Oh my God. Lumabas na yung “urna” ..” Call a surgeon. Call Dr. Then the person she asked to called told her, “ Not available Doc, . And I was just there laying on the operating bed, listening to them panicking and praying to God to make me safe and don’t let me die because I have small kids.. After that panicking moment, the OB continued with the operation to take the baby out. The baby came out around 8:58pm. And after I saw my baby and took photos, they put me to sleep. I woke up after some time and saw Dr on my right side and Dr on my left side. They explained to me what happened. They told me that my intestine got damaged and they need to do a procedure. I was speechless. I don’t know what to say. They said that they have to do colostomy. And tears just all over mg face! They told me that I have to options, 1.) to put back the intestine inside but high risk of infection/complications, 2.) to have a colostomy which will last 6months-1year then after that I will have another operation to put it back inside my stomach. I chose the second option because I want to live normal after I recovered from my CS operation but they would really want to go for it. They said it’s high risk and I might get infection after 2-3days. It’s not an ideal option. I said, “ what will happened if I go back to work?”.. Doc answered , “ You can still go back to work. It’s only 6months to 1 year “..But I still chose that second option because I don’t want to have a colostomy bag for a year because I have kids. I want to enjoy my time with them without any worries. And don’t want be in the office having a colostomy bag with poop while I am working. And they want me to sign something which I agreed to sign but they wanted to talk to my partner about it first. So they talked to my partner and they all decided to have a colostomy. And I just cried and then I woke up in the recovery room already with a colostomy bag on my left side.

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