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My brother needs a malignant brain tumor removed.

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My second brother has always been restless, hungry, and full of energy. When he was young he began to study theoretical physics and won a scholarship to finish his studies in Brazil. He was doing well, the first time he came back to Perú to visit us he was big and smiling.


Last year due to the pandemic, he began to live locked up and alone, from August he began to have mild headaches and his eyes hurt a little. He thought it was because of the glasses, and he didn’t really complain much. His money was no longer enough for food, so we sent him some remittances. One afternoon he called us saying that he was returning to Lima for the holidays and the problem became apparent when on December 11th he arrived skinny, haggard, quiet and walking strangely.

We thought it was because of the stress of the trip, since he had to reschedule it twice and asked for a loan for it. The first week he seemed to be him again, he talked, he went out a couple of times, but little by little he stayed more at home. In His headache, he lost his balance, and his vision blurred from time to time. We took him to the doctor, and he told us he had vertigo, he sent him a 5-day treatment, but it got worse. On the 29th he fell to the ground, and on the 31st he fell and began to vomit, so my mother and I took him to the hospital as an emergency, because of COVID-19 they only let one companion in with the patient, so my mother stayed with him. After 15 hours of tests, already hospitalized, they give us the diagnosis that he has a brain tumor. This tumor is behind, pressing on the motor and eye area. 

After almost two weeks of treatment, as he improved, and he was able to eat, the hospital discharged him, and we brought him home, they also told us to return on Friday the 15th to give us the final diagnosis and the plan to treat the tumor. That day they gave us the news that it was not only a second-degree astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer, but that it was quite large and urgently needed surgery.

(the white mass on the second and third row)

Truth be told, when he started at the state university, the social worker helped him get health insurance from the state for  people without resources like us, however, this is basic insurance, which covers only things like the operating room and doctors, but not the equipment needed for such a risky operation.

That is why I need your help, the rental of these equipments is valued at 5,000 dollars, with previous donations from the internet, from our family and community, we were able to raise 1,000 dollars, but there are still 4,000 to go.

GoFundMe won't let me edit the goal from 1500 to the 4000 that we need, as well as the date, but the limit is until Thursday, January 21st. 

Please help us to raise the money and be able to operate my brother as soon as possible, every day that passes that tumor grows and complicates the situation more. Please, I'm begging you.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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