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Hospital Billing Assistance for Elmer Quidlat Covid Patient

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Hi All,I am Kristine Joy Quidlat, 2nd of his three children. We, our family really need your help. We are knocking in your kind and generous heart for my father’s billing assistance since we dont have enough funds or capabilities anymore to pay for my father hospital bills. It was month of August when this bad memories for my family happened. My father had a problem with his liver. We knew it because he is already going in and out in hospital to do some check ups on the first month of August. His last words to me before he collapsed was he need to undergo to ct-scan for them to check the lump in his liver. Late night of Aug 29th when he collapsed. We rushed him in Metropolitan Hospital. We don’t have any choice but to go in private hospital since that time all hospitals are full due to Covid patients. All of his xray, medical documentation made as out patient to other hospital was voided even her swab test that was made on July. Nurse said that it is more than 14 days so he still need to undergo to swab test. But we decided to transfer my father to another hospital because his healthcard is not credited in Metropolitan Hospital.

So we called and made a lot of inquiry in different hospitals it was a lot of hospital but we failed to get a "YES" to public even in private hospitals who honored our health card. But one of the nurse helped us to transfer to Chinese General Hospital, she knew one of the doctor in Chinese General who also a resident doctor in Metropolitan. From Metropolitan to Chinese General Hospital, it costed us a lot of money.

Hospital bill - 26,913.76

Ambulance - 25,000

Aug 31 - When we got at Chinese General Hospital, there it all started. He undergo swabtest and result came positive.

Sept 25 - Almost 1 month battling as Covid positive patient his swab test showed negative.but sadly after 2 days he passed away. 

Sept 27 - He died with BIPAP. We dont even got a time to talk to him.

Cause of Death - 

Underlying cause - Covid 19 Recovered

Antecedent Cause - Severe, Pneumonia 

Immediate Cause - Acute Respiratory Failure 

Now worst thing is our hospital bill cost 1,187,427.56 then Professional fee is 137,700. They considered that he had a Severe Pneumonia- CovidPhilhealth, health card, Disability Discount has been deducted already.

We settled the Professional fee and pay 80,000 in hospital bill Our outstanding balance as of the moment is almost 500,000. We currently got the Government financial assistance below.

PCSO - 30,000

Office of Vice President - 20,000DSWD - 50,000

And now, Our family are humbly asking for your help. We will appreciate any amount of assistance. God will reward you for what you do!


Kristine Joy Quidlat 09951910445 or Opalyn Quidlat 09171341731


Thank you and God bless all!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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