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I am choosing Hope; Need your help for Brain-Tumor Surgery

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Hi my name is Sharvin Balilo Urbano, 26 years of age, I am from the Philippines and I had been diagnosed with Brain Tumor (Glioma) in 2019, and since then I had been suffering the symptoms associated with it. 

I am knocking in your lovely hearts to help me with my condition, I badly need to undergo surgery to take off the tumor that's in my brain, The symptoms are just unbearable, I had been laid off from my job and now unemployed. I've also been taken off from my HMO coverage (Health maintenance), due to the unemployment. Due to COVID, my mom whose my sole supporter at this time has also been laid off as an Overseas Filipino Worker. 

Some of the symptoms just randomly come in extremes.I always experience constant seizures, tremors, headaches, nausea & vomiting. I had been taking over-the -counter painkillers but the pain is now just so over the top and gradually no longer soothes it. I also noticed great changes to my ability to focus (probably due to deteriorating brain function) and now it's sort of affecting my vision. 

I am in need of as much as support that I could get, (financially & emotionally) any amounts from you would probably help me reach my goal to cover my neuro-surgery & post-surgery care which will include medications, theraphy (radiation) and Chemotheraphy (with rough estimate of $6000 or more). I am not sure where I could get this substantial amount of funds. 

Failure to undergo surgery may result to cell mutation with the tumor which can become more dangerous (cancerous / glioblastoma / stage 3 or 4 brain cancer) 

I was told by my doctor / neurologist, that I'm a living miracle to still have reached this year 2021 from 2019. Hence, I'm needing to have the funds ASAP for the urgent surgery while I still have time. I have attached copies of my MRI findings and X-ray results for your reference. 

Once again, I'm knocking in your hearts to let this young kid live his life further and to the fullest. I still have plenty of plans, endeavors and ambitions. Help me reach for it! 

I am choosing Hope, and I believe in God's grace and with yours, anything is possible. ♡♡♡

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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