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Together for Ashley is in ICU for Covid-19. Needs you!

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Helo everyone

Min name Marcela Toral Ortiz I am the cousin of Ashley Loor Sáenz's mother, a little 11 years old who on Sunday 17 On January 2021, she was admitted to the Emergency Department in the City of Portoviejo in Ecuador, Province of Manabí at the Hospital de Especialidades, the girl was diagnosed with COVID-19 which at dawn on Monday was admitted to the ICU, the medical diagnosis was: Pulmonary edema, multisystemic inflammatory syndrome which generates a hyper inflation that evolves as multi-organ failure and shock.

Medical assistance to treat her COVID-19 complication has been exceptional to date

Medical assistance has been exceptional to date, the problem is that the hospital does not have the medicine that the girl and other children require: They do not have Melonidazole ($25) requires 5 daily, Immunoglobulin ($1650) 6 daily, Human Albumin ($80) 3 daily.

We dearly need your support

We have covered the expenses with the contribution of many people who have socialized with this noble cause, the parents have been unemployed for 4 months and do not have any type of insurance.

The girl has been hospitalized for 6 days so far and day by day she shows a minimal improvement but improves thanks to the Mercy of God. We are holding on to God's hand asking him not to take it away, to allow him to be a testimony of how supernatural he is. We turn to you since money is required daily and with the scarcity of medicines there are sometimes opportunities to buy; but due to lack of money, it is not done.

You would make many parents very happy and you would be the Angel used by God! if you used the [Collaborate by sharing] button to help Ashley and children in the same situation.

We are also receiving any contribution in the Banco del Pichincha Savings Account 2200532811 Luis Pinto Tapia C.I. 1310365539. Mr. is my husband.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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