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Online Education Fund for My Bipolar Daughter

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Hi all,

My name is Diana, I am from Malaysia and I have a twenty year old daughter named Zulaika who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

She started having it when she was 17, a senior in high school. It was a difficult few years as she had constant mood swings, from monthly fatigue and depression where for a week or two she could not attend school due to the extreme tiredness, low energy, social anxiety and sleep for 14 hours++, or on the flip side she would be having manic, psychotic episodes where she has a flight of ideas where she would be up all night scribbling everywhere and tearing books, as well as having delusions and hallucinations where she acts very strangely as a prophet martyr sent by God to save the world and fated to die in a car accident. Other times she would have the delusions as if she were a celebrity or act like little toddler. She would also be highly irritable and moody with anger outbursts with my husband and I. It was a traumatic experience but thankfully with the help of a psychiatrist and medicine, her moods have stabilized in the past few years. 

Most of the money we saved up for her education fund had to be taken out to pay for a monthly supply of medicine for the disorder. It's very costly as the medicine is imported from Italy. 

Recently and thankfully, my daughter's health has stabilized; however she still has depression and fatigue episodes once a month that lasts for a week or two. Her psychotic episodes are rare, happening once or twice a year at most. 

Due to health difficulties, she intends to enroll in an online degree program so she can study from home. The program costs $15,000 which is approximately 60,000 in Malaysia Ringgit. We can only afford half of the fees based on the remaining savings in the education fund. 

I would be very thankful if you could donate any amount to help fund her studies as prior to the disease, she was a talented, studious and ambitious girl with high career aspirations. 

Also, do click on the [Help by sharing] button to help share our story to others. Thank you very much for reading and we appreciate your time and help for Zulaika.   

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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