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Hello!  My name is Georgy!  Now I will tell you about my unusual goal and how an ordinary person can become a hostage of his dreams on the largest part of our planet because of a one-sided policy, to which he has nothing to do.

(Sorry for my English)

 I am from Russia, I have a family, I have a job and everything seems to be fine.  But one day an idea settled in my head and I wanted to implement it.  I started my journey in 2016, I had to study a lot, change a lot in my life and take risks.  Until 2016, I worked as an IT specialist for seven years, after that I radically changed my profession and started all over again.  I faced new difficulties and new challenges because I had not done this professionally before.  I studied 3D modeling programs, learned to work with new types of technology and create something new.  After just a couple of months, I realized that what I work with can bring much more benefit in completely different industries too.  Within the framework of the enterprise where I worked, I began to try to implement my idea, first in theory and then in practice, but my work on the project was interrupted at the very beginning of its implementation, for a simple reason - the enterprise, at that time became  dramatically, it is unprofitable to continue supporting my project because they will have nothing from this, as they say "nothing personal, just business", our paths diverged.  So my 2017 came to an end.

 In 2018, my path continued in a new company, which seemed to be more interested in fresh ideas and start up's.  It all started very cool, new cities, new knowledge, for the first three months I gained experience and skills throughout the country and only strengthened and confirmed the potential of my project.  Unfortunately, it was not easy, as it turned out later, the people I worked for wanted to use my knowledge to their advantage, let's say - by deception and free of charge, even using a fictitious employment contract.  Our cooperation lasted about 1.5 years, I was very lucky that my sixth sense suggested not to reveal all the subtleties and nuances of my project.  I do not regret this experience, because during this time, I still got a positive effect.  In addition, thanks to these events, I learned great news in time, so I thought at that moment.

 “First,” I realized that I needed to look for investors among consumers, so I got to know crowdfunding quite closely.  As close as I could.  Why do I say that?

 Studying the "global" crowdfunding sites, admiring the bold projects and people who support these start-ups, I thought - this is it, utopia.  Some show a useful idea, others show their support.  But very soon, while studying the nuances of placing my startup on such a site, my path was again interrupted, you know what?  The fact that I happened to be born on the wrong continent, or even just a little farther east than necessary.  The sites that I considered for starting my startup, where there were many engineering projects that they supported - did not work in my country, I have no right to place my startups on them.  True, there are organizations that provide legal services and assistance in placing on such sites in another country - they have a lot of subtleties and nuances, ranging from contracts to international patents, of course, such intermediaries charge a decent fee based on the experience of successful projects.

 You say, "Hey, are there no such people in your country?"  - I will answer it - yes.  But in my country, such themes are hardly supported.  There is support for people with serious illnesses, which is already good, but thank God I don't need that.  As for the financing of business ideas or innovative projects, there is almost no such thing.  Almost?

 Yes almost".  In the same period of time, I came across news about the state program to support start-up entrepreneurs and do you know what one of the nominations was?  “Innovation” - and then the second chapter of this action began.

 And so "Secondly", I managed to get into the state support program, for participation it was required:

 - complete two months training, - submit a complete business plan, defend your startup on commission.  On the one hand, the grant that was provided seemed very large, but taking into account all the nuances of my project, I understood that this budget could be suitable just for placing and promoting the project on foreign crowdfunding platforms with the help of companies providing intermediary services.  At that time, at the USD / RUB rate, the grant budget was $ 61,000, I perfectly understood what I could do with this amount and how to implement it, starting with the cost of patenting an invention, ending with a short-term lease of production, for the manufacture of prototypes and samples from their  subsequent tests, as well as visiting foreign thematic exhibitions and demonstrations of the capabilities of my new product.  When you have a ready-made offer, it will generate demand, which in any case will help further development and promotion.

 I went through the training, prepared all the documents and drawings for obtaining a patent, at that moment my pregnant wife helped me a lot, we did everything right and it gave its results.  I successfully defended my project in a competition, they gave me a certificate and even a medal.  And unfortunately, at that time I forgot what country I live in.  The fact is that all the achievements in any area, in our country, are limited to a diploma and possibly a medal, the entire budget of such funds goes to the "top", the big bosses.  The excuse sounds like "we spent the entire budget on training and holding the competition."  Yes - this is our reality, the prize fund does not reach the winners.  Starting to understand and search for the truth, you can become objectionable to influential people.  Why was it blatantly cheating?  Yes, everything is simple, firstly, how can you spend the prize fund for organizing the competition, and secondly, two months of teaching with a salary of $ 250 per month.  A website for registering participants and accepting applications, created by a 2nd year student, based on sharepoint and closed on the day of the competition.  And the competition itself, an 8-hour event that took place on the territory of one of the state universities, in which there was not even a coffee break, you could go to the cafeteria and buy a bun at your own expense - do you think that could cost $ 61,000?  I doubt very much, in any case - it was the declared, I emphasize, the prize fund, and not the budget for the competition.  Well, the answer of the committee, which is responsible for this, "the budget was not enough, sorry, next year will not be because we can no longer allocate such funds for the event."  Everyone turned everything upside down, except the organizers themselves were left with nothing.

 After everything that happened to me, a little apathy overtook me.  It was impossible to start a start-up on kraufandig sites, without patents, prototypes and serious money investments for me, large Internet resources with donations and fees are also inaccessible to me, due to my place of residence, although it would seem that it is the 21st century, I am the same  a person with a head, arms, legs and a typical set of organs, but at a certain moment - felt hurt and felt inequality.  Not financial, people in my country feel financial inequality all the time and I am sure this is not the only place that happens.  It's just that, being a human being, I can't post my story on a free resource and through no fault of my own.  But this is all nonsense.

 Despite this, my family and I managed to collect several thousand dollars for the whole time, but this is an insignificant amount and it was a budget for a partial purchase of materials for the prototype, unfortunately - that's all that it was enough for.  We thought about immigration, selling our existing property, getting a job in another country, but since it was all for the sake of one goal, the priority was the possibility of achieving it, and despite the possibilities of financial well-being, the possibility of extracting the necessary raw materials and resources, unfortunately  at the moment it is very difficult, because the possibility of purchasing them in other countries is not clear, but there is the possibility of delivery.  But now this is too much of a leap into the unknown for me.

 But it seems this is it?  I still found a site where I have the right to place my story!  And now, dear reader, if you have reached the end, I would like to ask you to help me - if you do not have this opportunity, then you can just share it, I will be very happy about it!  I will be grateful for any of your help in my case.

 Unfortunately, I cannot place the finished project on the crowdfunding site - I do not have the resources for this.  Also, to be honest, I need to demonstrate the prototype and how it works.  This leads to the fact that now I need to raise funds for:

 Obtaining a Eurasian patent;

 Obtaining a US patent;

 Prototyping and conducting inspections and tests, which will require the rental of production, continue to purchase materials and raw materials.  As well as payment of duties;

 With this set, pay for the services of an intermediary company;

 And also, a successful start-up cannot be without a good marketing company;

 All this requires investments that are simply unfeasible for me in the current situation.  You will rightly ask "so why should I still help you and your project?"  I apologize in advance, but I cannot reveal details and subtleties at the moment.  I can only say that this is related to the environment, I want to start with the smallest and most affordable cars for me.  The future with electric cars is not available to everyone, and internal combustion engines pollute the atmosphere quite strongly, and there are more and more of them.  Even in my city, my everyday route gets longer and longer every year, despite the expansion of roads and other solutions.  Yes, now very effective catalytic converters are installed on new cars, but there is a certain time range in which this solution does not work at all.  The task of my technology is to remove this non-working gap and add the efficiency of cleaning exhaust gases throughout the entire range of engine operation.  In the future, I want to scale and apply this technology even in production facilities and large factories.


 At the moment, I have the opportunity to ask for help here and on social networks.  Here I ask you to give me the opportunity to tell about my dream and idea on the resources that are inaccessible to me, any of your responses will support me.

 My goal now is $ 55,000, with these funds I can show you something new and extremely interesting!

 Thank you!

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