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Please help me out to save the love of my life!

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Hello all, my name is Alexander, I am 26 years old customer support with master's degree in English and German, living in Kyiv, Ukraine. The sleeping beauty on the profile picture is my girlfriend, Jenia, 27 years old passionate dentist, whom I want to save from my own stupidity. The way to save her - to gather funds to immigrate to Canada. We have being living for 2,5 year together, it was the love from the first sign, on our first date we confessed to each other and in 1 week we started to live together in a rented apartments. We were living a perfect life, but that's just for me. Everyday we went to work, came back, watched some movie together and hanged out with friends on the weekend. Because I was blind, I did not notice how this routine was killing her. No, we did not break up. I just saw her crying, because we both were working hard, but could not save more than 2 thousand dollars. She was crying, because she was afraid for our future, and I was selfish, blind, ignorant idiot to see that. At our age we do have anything to support ourselves as a family and to give a birth to a child. I was working same job, did not develop any special skills, just got promoted once, and thought that I am a God. But I was just noman retard. I want to change it in one year. I am about to leave my job, I am searching for a new one. I am trying to find out how to start a business from zero to immigrate to Canada. I ask you, total strangers to help me out. I am desperate to save this tiny beauty I love with all my heart, that is why I am creating this crowdfunding page. I have my head, both legs and arms and I know that this is a ridiculous request for a mature person to ask others to cover my mistakes. I am beginning you to help. We are about to send our educational documents to be verified in Canada. One of the documents from the application list, proof of funds, requires at least 12-16 thousands to be on the bank account. The application itself is 1,6 thousand per 1 person. In general, I require 20-25 thousand USD to immigrate to Canada. I need this amount to the end of the summer, so that I could fulfill the immigration process till the end of the year. If 25 thousand people see this post and send 1 dollar, I will be the happiest person on this planet. If you ever loved someone, with pure heart I ask you to help me out to save my love from my own mistakes!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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