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Transfer by ambulance to perform 10 RADIOTHERAPY.

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My name is Janeth Beatriz Mata Torres 55 years old, Venezuelan nationality, because of the situation that everyone knows that occurs in Venezuela, I migrated since March 2018 and currently reside in Peru, it has not been easy, but not difficult to send my family for food and some medicines, but currently the money that comes to them,  not enough for them much and less for medical care.

The person for whom I am asking for help is my sister Yajaira Leonidas Mata Torres, 61 years old, who underwent surgery for right breast cancer in 2015.

In the middle of 2020, my sister began to present a discomfort in her neck, but due to the same shortages in my country of origin and added to the quarantine, it was difficult for her to see a doctor in a public hospital, and on the private side, less because we did not have the resources, until the month of November, when I could send her to pay a private doctor, days in which Yajaira began to lose mobility in her body.

Dr. Herlic Sotillo, General Surgeon and Oncologist,  tells her that she should have an MRI, that same month she has the results and is delivered to the doctor, where he diagnoses "infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast Mt to the cervical spine" and suggests emergency radiotherapy to the cervical spine.

The radiotherapies could not be performed in a private clinic because they were too expensive, it was difficult for us and the public was not performing this type of treatment because the instruments or machines were damaged and they were due to arrive in January 2021.

 On Tuesday, January 26th, a relative went to the Domingo Luciani Hospital "El Llanito", where he was able to get the ten (10) continuous radiotherapies at no cost.

The problem is that we do not have the resources to pay for the transfer by ambulance, because my sister is in a bed where she is cleaned and changed diapers because she cannot walk, sit or sit, let alone walk;

Servicios Pre Hospitalarios Jacob, C.A. is the company that provides the ambulance service, which  is charging for the 10 day round trip transfer the amount of $500. 00 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS WITH 00/100 or FIFTY DOLLARS WITH 00/100 (50 $) for each  day of transfer so that the patient can receive her treatment,  began her first treatment on Monday, February 01 of this year and to  date I have only been able to get to pay only one day, and I need to cancel in full, as very kindly the company has not refused the transfer because I have promised that I will comply with what is owed.

I believe in miracles, I do not lose faith that my sister will soon get better with God and the help of a charitable soul. 

You would make me very happy if you would use the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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