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Help me to get a little closer to my dream of walking.

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Good morning my name is Meilyn Elizabeth Maradiaga   I am 4 years old, I live with my mommy, daddy and my 2 little sisters, my mommy had problems when I was in her tummy, since she suffered a fall in a bus, then I wanted to come early, after the doctors prevented it I appeared with the cord wrapped around my neck so I was in fetal distress, When my mommy took me to have an emergency cesarean section they did not want to do it and sent her home, a week later we returned and they decided that now they would help me to be born, I was born 3 weeks before the medical calculations, with the cord wrapped around my neck, I needed a little oxygen, after that I was discharged with my mommy, at 6 months I started with tremors in one leg which were passing to my other leg and my 2 little arms, I was diagnosed with benign myoclonus of infancy, at nine months I was diagnosed with myoclonic epilepsy, at one year and 3 months I was taken to emergency for coughing, vomiting and fever, but when I was nebulized with salbutamol I started to convulse very strong twisting my mouth, but they did not pay attention to my mommy that I was convulsing until several hours later when my convulsions became very strong, product of which I was left with infantile cerebral palsy, my mommy thought I was going to die, but God gave me the opportunity to continue with them, so my family is very happy. Now I am with my recovery process in therapies and with several specialists, I have found wonderful angels that God has put in the way that are helping me to overcome my obstacles little by little, I have been operated on my stomach, I have a gastric button that the gastroenterologist put me to feed me better, a duplication since my reflux was very strong. Now my orthopedist wants to do an operation on my feet to correct their posture and bring me a little closer to being able to walk, he does not charge for my operation, but I must get the equipment and medicines that they will use to operate me and from there the material with which they will make my new splints, so I ask for your collaboration with what your heart and your economy can. We will be very grateful to God, you, and your family. God continues to bless you for your generosity. Thank you very much for your help.  

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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