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Hello everyone,

Introduce, I am Muhammad Latief, currently I live in Indonesia, precisely in Cianjur Regency, West Java, Indonesia. I am an entrepreneur who wants to share my experiences and knowledge with people around me.

The Importance of Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises are at the forefront of national economic resilience. The product marketing sector in Indonesia must continue to be developed every year in order to meet the national economic needs, which also continues to increase in line with the population growth. With a stable independent business sector, the country will also achieve economic stability and be recession-free.

However, the small business sector in Indonesia continues to experience obstacles both from product knowledge, business licensing, to the ability of human resources who are deemed insufficient to meet the challenges of technology in today's era. Therefore, the development of human resources in the field of small businesses, especially small entrepreneurs themselves is very important.

Extension Program by CIANJUR PUNYA

Counseling to small entrepreneurs but having quality products is an effort made by CIANJUR PUNYA which aims to improve the abilities of every small entrepreneur in Cianjur. This capability is good in terms of production skills, improving product appearance to packaging and the ability to market using internet media online or offline.

One of the activities carried out by CIANJUR PUNYA in this capacity building counseling is by holding technical training for its partners. The purpose of this outreach activity is to involve all partners to be active, consistent, together even with the same product by supporting each other. In addition, this training also introduces various kinds of appropriate technology in marketing.

The aim is that partners are familiar with technology and online sales and are willing to use and utilize it for the advancement and change of business results in the future. . Small & amp; Medium is expected to be at the forefront of the movement to increase the capacity of entrepreneurs and their products that can increase economic turnover, especially beloved Cianjur.

The type of quality training must be accompanied by the following criteria:

- Activities are neatly organized. & nbsp;

- The realization of a good planning implementation.

- The implementation of activities and evaluations must meet the requirements of a qualified CIANJUR PUNYA partner training.

Support us in running this free service

This service is of course provided free of charge from me for people around who are new businesses and need support. Of course with the hope that operational costs and support will be available from various good sources.

These costs are very important to me in developing this social platform, the sooner the better. Because they need support to survive in the current economic recession. I hope that there are best hands who can help us.

Methods of Cost Allocation in Implementing Social Activities

The given activity methods are in the following order;

1. Prospective Partner Registration. Initial registration of prospective partners was filtered by several aspects of entrepreneur standards, including having products, services, food & amp; drinks, taste competitive in the market and the existing licensing standards.

2. Food Curation & amp; Packaging. Food Curation & amp; This packaging is implemented to classify the categories of products and services that are registered. After that, a taste test is carried out to determine the feasibility of the product to be ready for sale to the market both online and offline. Packaging curation is also to determine the standard of product appearance feasibility so that it is ready to compete in the market. The method of implementation is with an intensive mentoring system, starting with assistance in making logos, packaging design to printing.

3. Cianjur Has an Institute. Cianjur Punya Institute is implemented to upgrade the skills of entrepreneurs who have passed point 1 & amp; 2, on the basis of reference material on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and product development. With the aim of being motivated in business and developing into a person who is tough in consistency and makes innovations in his business activities.

4. Online Marketing. After potential partners become CIANJUR PUNYA PARTNERS, their products are marketed directly using the online e-commerce store at with a display that is ready to compete in the market.

We hope that you can help us

This is a project that I have created and is already running but it still has many shortcomings, especially operational costs, hopefully with this social platform I can continue to be of benefit to others.

Hopefully this project can be accepted and can be helped by anyone who has a good social spirit.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Latief


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Instagram: cianjurpunya_com


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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