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Save 300 families in Pakwach, Uganda from starvation

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Hello everyone,

I am a concerned wildlife conservationist and a Safari guide. My name is Francis Obedgiu. I live in Pakwach, a poor neighborhood North West of Uganda.

Pakwach is neighboring Murchison falls national park, only separated by river Nile, the longest river in the world. Murchison falls national park is the largest park and used to be the most visited park in Uganda. The park neighbors here used to depend greatly on the earning from the tourism activities and tourists by selling handcrafts to tourists, jobs in hotels, selling food stuffs such as vegetables to the tourism hotels. A handful of them depended on fishing and Agriculture.

Throughout this Covid-19 crisis that has been raging on for more than 12 months now, many countries including Uganda have gone into endless lockdown to try and contain the further spread of the disease. This in turn has crippled the economy of Uganda to its knees.

The biggest humanitarian crisis here in years

Tourism which is Uganda's largest forex exchange earner has been the most hit by this situation. In Uganda tourism employs more than 700,000 people directly and indirectly. This has caused one of the biggest humanitarian crisis here in years. Most people in my area depended on tourism for daily living.

Due to loss of tourism jobs and income, heads of more than 300 families of resident park neighbors and rangers in Murchison falls national park among other parks in Uganda now cannot afford to provide for their family members anymore since their life heavily depended on tourism. There is very high risk of Hunger and disease in every household now. Many of the people hardly can afford a daily meal.

Additionally communities living near river Nile in Pakwach was hit by flooding from May 2020 to date when the river mysteriously got excessive increase in water volume hence bursting its banks. Water swept through the community and swept away settlements and farms. In a twist of events, the land mass left in the communities was hit by drought in late October of 2020. These events heavily disrupted fishing and Agriculture. Close to 15,000 people were displaced.

There has been fresh security restrictions on movement put in place by government during the general election activities. All this has killed the little efforts that residents were trying to make in fending for their families.

Starvation is quickly becoming the biggest problem that the over 300 families face. Many people could starve to death. Habitat communicable diseases are not any exception here yet there is no means to get medication here due to lack of money in the families.

Join our appeal to help feed over 300 families of children and adult park neighbors and rangers to make it out of this global crisis alive.

We are working tirelessly to find working and long lasting solutions through sustainable activities that will help restore hopes of a possible second chance in life in the people living around the park and the staffs working in the park. There is a way that you can help.

We have implemented a live safari project. In this we show live safari to viewership around the world. This will be a paid event. We request your financial support to procure livestreaming equipment that will be used for better broadcast. 100% of the proceeds will be used to buy and distribute food to the hungry children and adults who form part of the 300 here. This will publicize the park and in turn increase visitation in the park. The rangers will get busy and community members will get busy too.

Help bring a stop to this crisis. Make a donation and help us deliver food to the more than 300 families of park neighbors and rangers in Murchison falls national park in Uganda. Donate now...

The budget is as below;

S/N Items Rate (USD) Quantity Amount (USD)

1 Drone Camera 385 2 770

2 Computer (Laptop) 300 1 300

3 Radio (Walkie talkie) 30 4 120

4 Wireless router 60 1 60

5 Camera 250 1 250

TOTAL 1500

Kindly give some support, no matter how small by donating to help this cause and or by sharing the campaign with your friends, colleagues and anyone who may be in position to help.

For more information please email me on or

My telephone number is: (+256)781541372/ 756160134

You can also visit our Facebook account; Uganda Wildlife Neighbor - UWN

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