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Help for Sarah Elena... 4 year old girl with microcephaly.

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Sarah Elena Alfonso Ollarve was born on August 13, 2016. She is currently 4 years old.  At birth, she was diagnosed with microcephaly, ventriculomegaly, and brain ratings caused by TORCH,  it is presumed was by Zika virus. From that moment on, arduous work for her development began: ☑️ Occupational therapy ☑️ Nutrition monitoring ☑️ Neurology (special studies). Given his diagnosis, his development is slower than any child born under totally normal conditions.  Thank God he has been getting stronger little by little,  however at 3 years old he was diagnosed with epilepsy, for which he has been prescribed ☑️ Carbazepine, the medications have hurt him at the stomach level and he needs medical control with a ☑️ Gastroenterologist. Her progress although it has been slow means something to me: Sarah has the courage to fight and keep going and we are going to help her.  She requires studies with ☑️ Orthopedist as well as with an ☑️ Ophthalmologist for her strabismus.  That requires a high budget which is difficult to count on.  In order to advance further, he needs more studies and treatments linked to his development as mentioned above. Technical assistance: ☑️ Orthopedic car adapted to his size: 85 centimeters and 9 kilos in weight. ☑️ Orthopedic walker for his rehabilitation. Bipedal support for her rehabilitation. All this technical help is necessary because Sarah still does not have 100% trunk control, she needs to be strengthened through more therapies,  to be able to get up or stand at some point on her own. Her parents: Mayerling Ollarve V-19.085.123 Carlos Alfonso V-15.374.849 Address Terrazas de Vicente Emilio Dijo,  Avenida Principal,  Edificio 39, piso 2, apartamento 0207, Guarenas Estado Miranda VenezuelaTelephones: 58424 2782968 - 58414 105 4219

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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