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Faith Angels Ministry: Helping vulnerable children to survive with education

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Nice to meet you. We are Faith Angels Ministry, a registered Charity Organization located in Rubanda district, Uganda, Africa. Our mission is to provide education to the marginalized groups of youth in Africa and give a chance to survive to vulnerable populations.

We believe that by creating an "education and sanitary environment" for children, adolescents, and women in disadvantaged situations, we will be able to promote the creation of employment in the villages and create a society where they can escape from poverty.

Social issues addressed by Faith Angels Ministry: The lack of clean water

Uganda has a serious problem of lack of clean water. Three quarters of the water on the surface is contaminated and about 21 million people don’t have access to safe clean water. Faith Angels Nursery & Primary School is not an exception.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3,000 young children die from diarrhea each year in Uganda, and 40% of Ugandans travel for more than 60 minutes to get safe drinking water.

Social issues addressed by Faith Angels Ministry: Difficulties to access education due to poverty

Children living in poor areas of Uganda have an uncertain future. Faith Angels Ministry wants to give underprivileged children a chance to survive through education.

With a vision to free everyone from poverty and create an independent community, we want to provide opportunities for children to be educated regardless of family environment, religion or age, and encourage their financial independence. In addition, by preparing a sanitary environment, we will create a society in which they can reliably access living infrastructure.

Background: Some information about Uganda

The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa, with a population of more than 42 million people, and half of the population has trouble accessing clean water.

Only one in four of its primary-educated children goes on to secondary education.

Unfortunately, there are more than 2.2 million orphans in Uganda.

About Faith Angels Ministry: the founder

Faith Angels Ministry and Faith Angels Nursery & Primary School was established by Buhungiro Andrew Tomson.

Originally from Uganda, Buhungiro Andrew Thomson grew up in an area with many children who have lost their parents due to HIV / AIDS. Growing up in such an environment, he began to help the disadvantaged children around him. As a young man, he wondered if he could do something more for his children and the answer was, "Educate and gain knowledge and experience." After graduating from college, as he worked in a community of vulnerable groups, he became more motivated to provide education to abandoned children.

With a small salary, he launched the organization Faith Angels Ministry Africa and finally founded the Faith Angels Nursery & Primary School (Faith Angels School). The Faith Angels School was born out of his kind heart to ensure that vulnerable and hard-working children have access to education and living infrastructure.

With a good education, you have a chance to seize the future

The area where Andrew grew up was an area abandoned by the state and government. Children living there have lived a life that relied on gambling and drunkenness to survive, without national or government support, parents, or a living base.

But he believed, "If you have the opportunity to get a good education, those children also have a chance to seize the future." That deep belief led to the establishment of an NGO and the establishment of a school. The wish of Faith Angels School is to ensure that children are educated regardless of family environment, religion or age.

A story of success: Providing awareness and supporting products to the Batwa tribe during COVID-19

In December 2019, during the global pandemic of COVID-19, Uganda's indigenous Batwa tribe was exposed to extreme poverty and the threat of the virus. Many of the Batwa are poor people who earn income from day labor and many of them lost their jobs due to lockdown. Also, due to lack of income, they could not get hygiene products and food to prevent infection.

So Andrew with the Faith Angels Ministry provided about 1500 Batwa with the latest information on COVID-19. For those who did not have the means to obtain information, understanding their situation was an effective step toward infection control. Next, they distributed food and soap to 1317 people in 247 households and gave a lecture on how to wash hands effectively. Soap helped improve the hygiene environment for the Batwa tribe, who did not have access to hygiene products.

A story of success: Counseling for children and holding of admission briefing sessions

Faith Angels School held an open school to provide counseling and admission guidance to more than 150 underprivileged children in the community. At the kindergarten graduation ceremony held on the same day, 18 students went on to elementary school. This was the first time in the region that children were seen wearing graduation gowns.

Recent activities in Faith Angels Ministry

Faith Angels kindergartens and primary schools aim to equip orphans and vulnerable children with a high level of literacy, freeing them from ignorance and learning. This can reduce domestic violence and child labor.

The purpose of the school is to help vulnerable children in Uganda reach their full potential physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Without attendance at this school, vulnerable children will have difficulty getting the chance to receive adequate education to support themselves and their families and bring about the future.

Currently, 193 children are attending. It is possible to provide educational support to many children only with the cooperation of many supporters. Currently, schools are becoming too small, so we are expanding the number of classrooms. Part of the collected support money will be used for the construction and education of the new school building.

Currently, there is no safe water access around the Faith Angels school, and students and neighbors have to walk up to 6 kilometers to get water.

If this project is successful, it will be able to provide safe water to 2,200 residents in 250 households and 193 students, 8 teachers and 10 staff from Faith Angels School.

With only $ 20, you can help three children to receive monthly education and feeding.

Wouldn’t you like to cooperate and be part of Faith Angels Ministry?

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