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Be a part of my journey & helping us to save our tradition.

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the flag image of country MD ROBIN MAHAMUD

Hello everyone

We Make a Living by What we Get

But we Make a Life by What we Get



I Hope you all are Blessed and Fine.


I am Currently 23 Years Old and Country From Evergreen Beauty (BANGLADESH) and, currently doing my Bachelor's in Food Science and Engineering Department.

I am Going to Start My Very OWN Clothing Business

And it's my Pleasure to Share with YOU that, I am Going to Start My Very OWN Clothing Business. As, I am FULLY Prepared to run this Perfectly With my Hardwork & Dedication. BUT, Since I have Almost Zero Support Behind me. So, I am here to YOU for Gathering Some funds for My Clothing Store that has a Objective.

Please Stay with me.

My Objective Behind this Clothing Business

—As YOU get to Know ME and MY GOALS Behind this Funding, I Would be HAPPY to SHARE with YOU, My Objective Behind this Clothing Business, which is Mainly For Underprivileged "TATIS" or "WAIVERERS" in our Country. Who are still preserving Our AUTHENTICITY as "Bangaladeshi". This IDEA didn't came to my Mind immediately. Now, for This You need to Listen a Story.

Made in Bangladesh

Since, I was a Child I had Huge Respect for my Country. with All of it's nature, Culture and Traditions. Especially Our "Fabrics" I always Wonder by seeing the term "Made in Bangladesh"

—Now Before That What Do you Actually Think when YOU see Something "MADE IN BANGLADESH" .

Well this Story Dates Back to 1st Century AD. And Some Archeologist Also Claimed Bangladesh as ONCE Famous For ARTISTIC TEXTILE production throughout the WORLD. So, Now I am presenting Some of them.


TANTI: Since the Beginning of our Tradition. A Prominance TANTI Caste made their Wonderful Creations On Loom. known as TANTI Handloom Wares.


KHADI: A Magnificent 6th Century local Variation of Khadi Cloth, Known as Khadi Muslin, Wrote their name in the tradition with their Uncommon and Wonderful Quality of Fabrics. Describes As Fine as the Spider's Web.

Khadi Fabrics Wares.


Rajshahi Silk A Elegence type of Fabric Renowned all across the globe. Known for it's Beauty and Textures. known as the Rajshahi Silk Wares.


JAMDANI a very Tough and COMPLICATED weaving process along with Secret Techniques with enormous experience is needed to do Delegence and Historically Famous Jamdani Fabric Weaving.


Beside Many Types Of Wares From MONIPUR, A Tribal Caste in our Country, known as MONIPURI WARES with extraordinary a Texture and Quality.

MY Objective & Goal

As, you Now Know

—MY Objective & Goal is to Get Back Those TRADITIONS Back to Life. And I think it's High time Pay them Respect as a Form of Working With Them, For them and For Every human on this globe.

Help me to reach my Goal

That's why I am here to REQUESTING you For Please Give me Some Gifts. Even, A little Penney will Help me to reach my Goal and Just let's Show the World A another Kindness as the Greatest Creative all across the Universe.

𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐘𝐨𝐮

Thank You So Much, No word Can Describe how much I am Happy and how much Does my Country Takes to me. now you know, Our Very own Tradition and just Donate Whatever you can, and whatever you want or even if you can't just don't worry you are still part of my Success and Tradition. You are Most Welcome to My Project!

Lots of Love and Blessing from me and My Country. Wish you are a Happy and prosperous life.

Here is my Page link :

Facebook ID link :

With Love, Robin Mahamud. ❤️

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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