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Support For Baby SAKE's Surgery

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Hello everyone,

I started this fundraiser because my baby SAKE needs your help and support.

With your kindness and generosity, you can give baby SAKE the best chance of living a normal and healthy life.

Help us raise funds for his second Pull-Through Colostomy Surgery.  All funds collected will be used for his operation and his ongoing medical supplies. 

SAKE's Birth Condition

Baby SAKE's first days of life have already been marked with struggles than most will face in their lifetime. He was born with a condition called "Hirschsprung’s Disease" - a life-threatening condition if left untreated.

I was crushed when I have to leave my newborn baby at the NICU for observation. At 4 days old, he has to endure those tubes and machines.  But I became more terrified when the surgeon informed me that he needed to undergo 3-Stage Colostomy Surgery. It had been the most frightening day of our lives.

* at the NICU, while waiting for diagnosis

* night before his scheduled operation I was allowed to go inside the NICU to hold , carry, hug and kiss him

He needed immediate surgery and undergo the most intensive treatment for his Hirschsprung’s Disease

He needed immediate surgery and undergo the most intensive treatment that his tiny body could ever handle. 

Thankful that his first surgery went well... but it's not over.

* pic right after his first operation

Another Surgery on His 6th Month

Baby SAKE will be facing another huge challenge - a major Pull-Through Colostomy Surgery (tentative: last week of March 2021). We're still waiting for the surgeon's final advice on the exact date of operation.

Please support us to save his life

We are pursuing everything to put his life out of danger. Our entire family is doing everything we can to get the baby the treatment he needs. 

While my husband works, I also work part-time while taking care of my 2 other kids. I also turned to sell online goods so we can raise additional funds. I sought guidance from the Colostomy Support Group page on Facebook and received some extra ostomy supplies to use. I've been very thankful for people who have supported us from the very start. We're thankful that he's surrounded by loving family, wonderful friends, and a good-hearted community who are willing to give what they can -  and share our story.

* received colostomy supplies from FB support group

* online selling to raise funds 

You Can Be Baby SAKE's Support Buddy

But, we got buried in medical expenses - and we still have a lot to cover.  

Baby SAKE's fragile body needs all your help today. You can help us raise the money he needs for this life-saving surgery. This medical treatment will grant him an invaluable gift of better health and wonderful life. 

I still feel scared knowing that my baby will undergo another surgery. Nothing will give me comfort until I know that he will be healthy and safe.

But, I trust that with your help, prayers, and support, his condition and his life will get better.  

Be a Hero for Baby SAKE

Together with you, baby SAKE will get the chance to take his first solid food (soon) and blow his cake on his first birthday like most of you have. 

How I wish you can see also that he's a fighter, a survivor, and a sweet baby always ready to share his innocent smile and love.  

Everything will mean the world for our baby SAKE.

I have faith in humanity - we have not lost it. While there is life, there is hope.

Thank you for your compassion. Any amount you can share can provide strength and support. I'd appreciate it if you'll share our fundraising too. 

And if you'd love to contact me in person, please reach out.

Baby SAKE's Nanay (Mommy),~  Liv

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