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Dignified housing for families without resources due to pandemic.

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7 years ago, the construction company "Agora", offered to the public the sale of houses of social interest which was called "puerta del rey project, stage 2" in the town of Usme, in the city of Bogotá DC, this project gave the opportunity to families to acquire housing at an affordable price, but, given the mismanagement of the construction company, the delivery of housing was delayed and so the years passed, from 2014, until now, which is currently February 2021, those who bought, which we are the majority, mothers head of household, as a result of time and the pandemic COVID 19,   many of us lost the job with which we supported this expense, which includes all debts with the bank and expenses of deed and arrangement of housing, since it is delivered in black work, so now we have the risk of losing the benefit of housing for lack of payment, therefore, we turn to this platform, to supply the expenses that are missing to the 6 families who need help. The following are the testimonies of the families who are finding it difficult to obtain a decent home to live in.


I am Jenny Jimenez, I am 30 years old, my household consists of my husband Juan Pablo Rodriguez, 40 years old, and our three children, Sergio Jimenez, 9 years old, Hamilton, 7 years old and Josset, 6 years old. Although we are a good and hardworking family at this time only my husband supports our home, for my part, I am a technician in early childhood care and studied a degree in early childhood education, but with the pandemic, I lost my job and although I have sought has not been easy to find work, since everything related to education is very quiet. I dream together with my husband to bring our three children to live in our house that we managed to buy with a lot of effort. Unfortunately, it is not in the best conditions to go to live there and we do not have the economic means to adapt it at this time, but we can not continue paying rent, so I appreciate it if the person who reads this message and see the photos that accompany it that are the actual and real state of our house collaborate us even with materials to adapt the house to a better habitable condition for our children God bless you and multiply your good work.


Good afternoon my name is Jorge Luis pinto I have two girls one of 11 another 15 years &nbsp, and my wife in charge at this time I pay rent I have a job as a security guard for that reason I salary is minimal and because of that my situation is very complicated and how much the pandemic we have been presented   many difficulties. Waiting for my house, but it has not been possible for all inconvenient we do not have at that time how to pay the debt of my house, even so, I have to support my family   because I am the only one who has a job at this time.


My name is Blanca Daisy Mora Alvarez I have 2 children who study my family also integrates 9 dogs rescued in conditions  of the street I help a lot the street and abandoned animals that are voiceless beings so I am the voice of them at this time I do not count. With a job and 1 year ago by issues of the pandemic I was left without work I have had to play very hard practically with nails to get ahead with my family God is so   great that sends Angel is like you to help us to the most helpless infinite thanks for your support and collaboration.

Respected gentlemen my name is Sandra Angelica Tibaquira, I am a 51-year-old woman who lives alone with my mother Ana Elvia Tibaquira who is 87 years old, we do not have any kind of help we are paying our house, but for economic reasons I have fallen behind in these payments, for this situation we turn to your generosity, since any help is of utmost importance to us, because we do not want to lose our home which has cost us so much effort and sacrifice.

As well as these, there are many stories that explain how difficult it is for these families to have a decent home for their families, the donations received either in cash or in-kind, will be divided equally for the families, thus, being able to have what is necessary to move into their homes and start a new story.

For more information, please call +57 3112623206 

All the families thank you for your time and collaboration.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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