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Chemotherapy treatment for Sergio

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Hello, this is Sergio, my husband for 25 years, plugged into the IV solution for the first chemotherapy treatment last November. We live in Metepec, nearby Mexico City.

Sergio was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4, colon cancer, in July – 2020. He went into a series of surgical procedures to remove as much of the source cancer, those other structures detected with malignant cells, and to reattach the intestines. Unfortunately, it was not possible to succeed on neither; Sergio started receiving the first series of chemotherapy since August and he has an ileostomy: an opening on the belly from which the small intestine is connected to the abdominal wall permanently collecting waste products into an external pouch.

in December, during a PET/CT SCAN some metastasis were found into his liver and ileum so a new palliative chemo treatment was set into motion. It is stronger than the previous one and it has weakened his general health. Not being able to attend his duties, Sergio, was fired in January form his sales job; currently unemployed without disability insurance I am the sole financial support for our family of 3, with a teenager at college, as well as for his medical treatment.

For the past 5 months we were able to get 80% of the treatment covered by the insurance company, but it has started to get short on supplying the primary medications on time, partially due there is a general shortage on cancer medications in Mexico. But we have also seen critical delays on approving the purchase of other complementary drugs and of ostomy products, as well as paying for other medical bills. Sergio requires physical therapy as well.

We have used all of our savings and I have started to ask for loans in order to keep the treatment going on. Our debt is growing faster and there is simply no other way for ensuring the appropriate medical treatment than to ask for your help.

Sergio is seen by friends and family as the go-to-guy, the guide, the strength, the leader, and the person to turn to in case of need. With courage he facing this illness, trying to remain optimistic. 

This project is tended to provide a support system for Sergio. All we ask for is an opportunity to weather the tremendous financial drain.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Adriana & Sergio

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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